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Why LOONA's "Paint The Town" would be a good theme song for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


We've seen some handful of times that sports showed that they are one with the KWave. We had actually seen a US gold medalist, Sierra Schmidt, danced to Twice's Cheer Up in numerous swimming competitions. Twice's Alcohol-Free and Magic by TXT even played in the background during the Olympics. But there is one Kpop song that I believe should be on the Olympic's playlist, and It's not other but Loona!

Let's start with the day of when their company first introduced their comeback teaser on May 31st. 

Loona's & First Comeback Teaser photo

The recently inducted Promotional Ambassadors of KOCIS are well-known for their enchanting world called the Loonaverse manifested in their Music Videos, Teasers, etc. In this photo, we are introduced to an arch with the Latin phrase "Citius, Altius, Fortius. Acta Est Fabula, Plaudite."

Also known as "Faster, Higher, Stronger. The Play is Over, Applaud," in English. 

It might be just a phrase that complements the important parts of Loona's lore, but I believe there is more to that. 

Some people might not know that the iconic Latin phrase "Citius, Altius, Fortius" is the motto of the Olympics. Pierre de Coubertin suggested the phrase after the formation of the International Olympics Committee in 1894, but It was officially presented in 1924 at the France Olympic Games.


Loona - Paint The Town

To further support my statement, even the lyrics for their title song PTT (Paint The Town), also fit well with the Olympics. Let's start with the first Verse:

Get Ready

Are you ready for some action
시작된 우리의 Mission
여기서는 그 누구도 날
막을 순 없어


Get ready

Are you ready for some action
Our mission has begun
At this place
No one can stop me

Lyrics by Silva from Color Coded Lyrics

What do you think? Don't you think it's suitable to be a symbolic song for an international sports event? Here is another example:

Chuu and Vivi's part in Verse 2:

Rom um um um a roam (Yeah yeah yeah)
기다려왔던 (Yeah yeah yeah)
준비가 되면 떠오를 거야
Kill it to the daylight

Rom um um um a roam (Yeah yeah yeah)
I waited for this (Yeah yeah yeah)
Once you’re ready, it’ll rise
Kill it to the daylight
Lyrics by Silva from Color Coded Lyrics

This song fits well with the hard work that the athletes go through and their fearless fights with their rivals just to have the heavily coveted gold medals hanging on their necks. Therefore, this can be an incredible song to be on the Tokyo Olympics' tracklist. 

There is also another slight amount of chance that Paint The Town as they've also released a Japanese version as well! 

Loona - PTT (Japanese Ver) Cover Photo from Spotify

Their lyrics from Verse 1 and Verse 2 stated earlier are still almost similar after a Japanese revamp. Their company, Blockberry Creative, planned to have Loona's Japanese debut on the 15th of September, which might be quite long after the Olympics have ended, but I will still hold on to this hype. I really hope this gives Loona a chance to catapult their popularity in the music industry with their unique colors and talents. 


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seafiant4,790 pts Tuesday, July 27, 2021 1
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Olympics would never use it because of the lyrics in the song.

"You kill it..."

That one line alone given the Olympics (aka the Olympic Truce) is supposed to be about peace means it would never happen. Be the same as including a song from a rapper talking about their uzi.

Know it's not the same as a fan but as the rules go they would never allow it.


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Lisadg890 pts Tuesday, July 27, 2021 0
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Uhhh a B.A.P (Baby) fan made this 3 years ago and I still can’t get over how perfect it fits —>



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