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The many 'nicknames' of BTS's Jimin

Just a few days ago, BABY J trended worldwide when it was revealed to be the 'debut-name-that-got-away' for BTS Jimin. In their latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimin recounted how he chose NOT TO use the name Baby J, thinking how it would sound funny whenever he introduces himself. That same day, JIMIN FALLON was also born. These two are but a few of the many nicknames of this beloved Kpop superstar. Here are a few more.

1. Mochi Jimin/ Manggaetteok Jimin

This was given to Jimin during their debut days because of his soft and pale chubby cheeks, reminiscent of a manggaetteok. In fact, if you search manggaetteok in Naver, Jimin's name comes as a related term.

2. PuppyKitty JImin/ GangYangYi

Jimin is known to have a soft spot for animals, especially cats and dogs. His warm, cuddly aura reminds you of a puppy but with a dash of sassy kitty (think Kitty Gang Jimin). When asked to choose between the two, our resident puppykitty, just needs to have BOTH.

3. King of Duality/GapSaiCin

Gap- gap, Sai-between, and Cin-God. This 'combined' Korean word was born back in 2016 when fans found themselves in search of a perfect term to describe Jimin's duality. It literally means 'the difference in his gap (duality) is God-tier. He really can be cutie, sexy, lovely all at the same time. 

4. Three Layer Wheatfield

Jimin has had his fair share of hair transformation, but one thing remains the same. His hair remains GLORIOUS. Jimin is known in Korea to have one of the best hairlines and thick hair (like a 3 layer wheat field).

5. Recruiting Fairy/Ipduck Fairy

This is one of the most famous nicknames of Jimin. I got into BTS because of Jimin. Once you Jim-in, you can't Jim-out. With his unique vocals and perfect dance lines, he has drawn new fans into the BTS universe every single comeback.

Speaking of every comeback, Jimin is also known as the 6. Killing Part Maker. As the Stage Genius, Jimin makes his part the 'killing part.' You know that one part that sticks, that goes viral, that iconic part.. yes, most probably Jimin's part. If you find Kpop stans recounting random numbers, they ain't random. The 3:33 from Fire, The 4:24 from Not Today, the 3:11 from Idol, the 1:11 of Butter, The BST Intro part, all these iconic parts are Jimin's.

 7. Trending Emperor (rightfully so, as the ONLY person to have occupied the worldwide trends simultaneously on his birthday) goes viral after every stage. His mentions are sky-high, Twitter has to mute his name and gave him his own TOPIC page. The orange hair guy was the talk of the town after Perfect Man. The pink hair guy was dubbed the Beyonce of the group. As the saying goes, locals fall in love every single year with a 'new' kpop boy, not knowing it's just The Jimin with another hair color.

To top it all, here are a few titles Jimin has rightfully earned with his roster of achievements. With massive streaming numbers, record-breaking and chart-topping solo songs, and various shout-outs from professional vocal coaches, award-winning singers and producers, choreographers, artists, directors, photographers, fashion authority, and many more (the list goes on and on), Jimin has proven himself worthy of these titles, bestowed upon him by the media.

1. King of Kpop

2. Korea's IT BOY

3. Kpop's Frontman

4. Rookie's Bible

5. Face of Kpop

6. Dance God

7. Stage Genius

Loyal fans of this multifaceted artist have consistently found themselves lost for words to describe the immense impact of Jimin in the promotion of Korean and Kpop culture. A National Treasure Idol, indeed (oops, that's another nickname :p).

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weissscythe1,115 pts Saturday, July 17, 2021 0
Saturday, July 17, 2021

3:33 from Fire <<--- I was new to BTS during that time so i remember this so well
4:24 from Not Today <<--- Fave, but i hate that the camera sometimes don't focus on this (lol, annoying)

Recruiting Fairy/Ipduck Fairy, King of K-pop, Stage Genius, Rookie's Bible, Korea's IT BOY (or Global IT BOY) are all very known and commonly used on him ig

King of Duality/GapSaiCin -- underrated but very true

28 (+28 / -0)
taeswife061313,118 pts Saturday, July 17, 2021 0
Saturday, July 17, 2021

he's really a national treasure ^^

27 (+29 / -2)


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