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Mina compares Seolhyun to a 'bat' when explaining why she included her name in suicide note


More of Mina's statements are coming under scrutiny.

On July 5 KST, Mina took to Instagram where she livestreamed herself apologizing and promising to get off social media due to her recent cheating scandal. However, some of her statements backfired as she exposed the purported details of another AOA member's personal life, claiming that the person enjoys having sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, Mina compared Seolhyun to a "bat" when explaining why she included her name in what was regarded as her suicide note.

Referring to Seolhyun, she said: "There was a good reason. A tremendous sense of betrayal. What was she doing, acting like a bat. She didn't seem like she cared about anyone like me while being situated at such a high place. If I find any detailed information on paper, I will upload it.

Mina also added that she and Seolhyun were "very close" and that they used to rely on each other a lot ever since they joined the company. "And that's why there's a clear reason why I mentioned her name, despite all this," said Mina.

What do you think of this issue?

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Minasputridvajay410 pts 18 days ago 0
18 days ago

She ran out of things to say about Jimin and now is trying to make Seolhyun into a perpretator as well. She is trying to change the game, but people already caught up.



hyukki-791 pts 18 days ago 6
18 days ago

She has lost my support!

Mina is using SNS to gain fame.

Who does NOT enjoy sexual intercourse?

People should stop paying any attention to Mina from here on out!


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