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Fans deeply worried about the Real Person Slash (sexual fan fiction) content about NCT members that are shared on the web


There has been a constant issue with RPS (Real Person Slash), which is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the romantic and sexual relationships between characters of the same sex. 

However, this issue has been growing even in the K-pop fandoms as the influence of K-pop has been increasing over the years. There has been more and more RPS content being uploaded in various online communities. Recently, one netizen shared their concerns about the RPS content being uploaded about NCT members.

The netizen who created the online community post explained that there has been an increasing number of this content that is a form of sexual harassment involving sexual relationships between the NCT members. 

The netizen who created the post uploaded a capture of these RPS contents being uploaded online and explained, "These are the RPS contents these users are writing about NCT members. They are writing about the members having sexual relations with each other and they share them in chatrooms. I think these chatrooms need to be assessed and taken care of too."

Other netizens commented. "This RPS content was on the news too and it's a big problem. I think there needs to be a serious police investigation on this," "I can't believe these people call this content fan fiction. Why? Aren't they fans?" "I can't believe they post these contents on a public website. The idol members would be able to see them," "That looks like only a few people know about that post," "that's disgusting," and "This is an issue with all idol groups right now not only NCT."

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A police investigation into fanfiction? I would assume that the Korean police has a ton more serious work to do, especially in the area of sex crimes, but seeing as they bothered investigating Park Narae for touching a doll, they might just unironically prioritize this.


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If fanfiction bothers you, you could always just click the red “X” at the top right corner of the screen.


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