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Track List:


2. Weather

3. Quit

4. Psycho

5. Is this bad b****** number?

Windy marks JEON SOYEON's first official solo album release. Though this album is a mere 5 songs, its experimental prowess cannot be overlooked. SOYEON has managed to come up with an ultra-dynamic and exciting mix of tracks that showcase her individuality perfectly. Beginning with her title, "BEAM BEAM," Windy shows a different side to SOYEON that's navigating her coming-of-age tale. "BEAM BEAM" has a slight rock-inspired vibe with a whimsical and spitfire performance that only a rapper of her caliber can achieve. As a title, SOYEON knocked "BEAM BEAM" out of the park.

"Weather" is a completely different sound from "BEAM BEAM," but a stark difference that's welcomed. With an aspect of sexiness and demure bounciness, "Weather" is intoxicatingly rhythmic with a Billie Eilish-like vocal lilt. A booming bassline then welcomes "Quit," another song that expertly mixes multiple genres into an electro-pop masterpiece. The focal point of "Quit" can be either the hypnotizing drop or its perfectly aligned vocal progression. As a producer, SOYEON blows other idols of her caliber out of the water. When it comes to a SOYEON produced track, there's simply no contest.

"Psycho" is the only slightly downtempo song of the release. With a slight jazz inspiration, this song has something about it that's slightly haunting. "Psycho" is without a doubt a tried and true forlorn love song concept, but executed in a way that reflects the intricacy of her thoughts. 

Finally, we are gifted (and I mean it when I say gifted), with "Is this bad b****** number?" featuring BIBI and Lee Young Ji. First, the song's melody is absolutely genius; the unique usage of a dial tone is something that I've never heard in all the albums I've reviewed. Second, the inclusion of a rough and tough Lee Young Ji and wispy and ethereal BIBI complements SOYEON's keen and sharp performance perfectly. This trio is unrivaled, and if there was a song that you had to check out from Windy, this is is the one. "Is this bad b****** number?" is the best example that female idols can serve their skills just as well as their highly-revered male counterparts. 


Showing an ultra playful and energetic solo, JEON SOYEON brings the light-hearted fun in the coming of age song, "BEAM BEAM." Featuring her working in a fast food joint, SOYEON breaks through her limitations to invent a sound and appearance solely her own. Summery and lively, the video's aesthetics and SFX match up to the whimsical attitude of her title well. Particularly, the SFX is fun, campy, and addicting to watch. SOYEON is gorgeous as always, making her scene-to-scene ensemble changes ultra-engaging to the viewer. A must-watch MV for fans of this multi-talented idol!


MV Relevance…..9

MV Production…..9

MV Concept……..9

MV Score: 9.0


Album Production…...10

Album Concept……...10


Album Score: 9.67

Overall: 9.33

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Pooka326 pts 8 days ago 0
8 days ago

Is this bad b**** number is AMAZING. So unique and hard.

i know it's not to everyone's taste maybe but it sure made me a fan of Lee Young Ji and Bibi.



DMV2DMZ1,433 pts 7 days ago 0
7 days ago

Like I've said before, track for track, Soyeon is punching way above her weight compared to most soloists coming out of id0l groups with a mini album on both the male and female sides. I haven't heard that she has any life experience or many influences outside of South Korea but she flows and writes on a level like she does. She's just gifted like that.

To my ear, the beats on "Bad B's Number" and "Quit" could have went a little harder. Especially on "Quit". The beat basically lagged behind instead of matching her level of skill. For "Bad B's Number", the cypher didn't impress or leave me shook; only Soyeon's contribution did. Soyeon could have done the entire song by herself with a vid of Windy singing the hook while calling "(G)I-dle Soyeon" and "Bad B solo rapper Soyeon" and it would have been far more dope. The current album version could have been the 1st cypher remix and a 2nd cypher remix could be released with a better mix of heavyweights and up and comers like Yoon Mirae, Miryo (of BEG), and KATIE to throw people for a loop with a full English singing verse. Maybe even Moonbyul (of MAMAMOO) if either of the previous rappers are unavailable. She wouldn't underperform.

That would be some real queen 'ish in my book. Honoring OGs and lifting up another up and coming talent. You can count on one hand how many female id0ls have dope enough skill and beats to actually upgrade any featured rappers on the track when it comes to decent beats. Nobody from an id0l group and same age as Soyeon is rapping with the same savvy, so it's sensible to feature people who can deliver on the same level for the sake of "epicness" of the track instead of having a 2-3 level-delivery gap between yourself and your featured artists.



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