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A music critic hopes that BTS goes back to their roots since they released mainstream music that topped Billboard's HOT 100


BTS has been extending their record for the seventh consecutive week, as "Butter" topped the Billboard's HOT 100 charts once again. 

Recently on July 9, the global K-pop group released another exciting English track, "Permission to Dance." While fans all across the world were ecstatic with the new track, there were a few who were disappointed as they hoped for something different.

Music critic Jung Min Jae tweeted his honest thoughts and feelings on Twitter, which has triggered a fervent discussion in a popular online community

The music critic wrote, "Bright melodies and lyrics that include names familiar to the English-speaking and American public - It's similar to the previous songs. Although it's exhausting to hear three songs that follow the 'hit-song formula' in one year, this song itself is the best of the three. It's easier on the ears and the melody is quite charming." 

He continued to write in his next tweet, "I'd like to think of these as special event releases. I'd like to think the recent works are different from the previous works that have been released given the special situation with COVID19. In the next releases, I'd like to see that edge and boldness that they have shown in their previous works again. They have been sufficiently successful landing on the Billboard charts."

Netizens and fans gathered in an online community to discuss the music critic's remarks as they joined the conversation of various opinions. Netizens commented, "I disagree. I think a lot of English-speaking fans entered the fandom with the three English songs and now these fans listen to BTS's Korean songs. That's why there are even memes about it," "I'm not a BTS fan but I received so much healing from 'Dynamite,' 'Butter,' and 'Permission to Dance,' I think it's just a perfect song for me," "I get what the music critic is saying. I feel that BTS's song style did change this year," "BTS did release a Korean album recently so I don't know what this critic is saying," and "I think 100% people would have criticized BTS if they released intense songs like 'ON' or 'Black Swan' during a time like this."

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JiDrew990 pts 21 days ago 35
21 days ago

I'm not gonna have much of a positive reaction what I'm gonna say but I think this is something I've agreed with for a long time. Even to this day I still listen to Bts' old songs over their new ones including their western ones. I agree that yes the English songs may have helped bring in new fans but me being Non-korean myself still fell in love with them in their Not Today era and made me listen to their old songs and their debut songs which made me fall in love with them. I don't believe these new songs can come anywhere close to the songs that exploded them into the international scene. I will say this for the first time myself I do not appreciate them going western and going out of their usual style. I know Rm has said that it is still the same old them but I'm sorry I don't believe that's the case. I am not an army for Beyond the Scene. I am an army for Bulletproof Boyscouts and I truly want to listen to more music from Bulletproof Boyscouts again.


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nina97x11,649 pts 21 days ago 18
21 days ago

The last meme is so true. Their mainstream songs got them a ton of new fans, more airtime on western radio channels, and even recognition from larger award shows. Yes, I miss their old stuff but that’s still THERE. Even their mixtapes and solo projects still carry their original style and voice. However, their English tracks show their versatility and growth. I feel like nobody bats an eye when kpop artist make songs in mandarin, Japanese or even Spanish but suddenly they’re sellouts when they make an English song. Make it make sense.


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