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'Running Man's Kim Jong Kook, Jeon So Min, and Ji Suk Jin made fans laugh with their hilarious interaction on social media


'Running Man' members Kim Jong Kook, Jeon So Min, and Ji Suk Jin made fans laugh with their hilarious interaction on social media.

On June 10, Ji Suk Jin uploaded two photos on his Instagram. Ji Suk Jin posted the first photo with the caption, "Jong Kook's work," and the second photo with captions, "This one is the one taken by So Min."

The photo showed Ji Suk Jin standing outdoors against the beautiful backdrop showing the green mountain. In one photo, he is posing for the camera with his arms crossed, while in the other one, he is standing while facing the mountain and showing his back with his 'Running Man' name tag.

Ji Suk Jin shared with fans that fellow 'Running Man' members had taken these photos for him gathering interest from fans. In particular, Kim Jong Kook's and Jeon So Min's response to Ji Suk Jin's post made many fans grab their bellies.

Kim Jong Kook commented in the post mentioning him saying, "I was taking a photo of the mountain but you didn't move..." to which Ji Suk Jin replied, "lol. Oh, I see. So that was it." Jeon So Min also wrote, "I was taking photos of the mountain but you keep getting in my frame." Ji Suk Jin replied to Jeon So Min, saying, "lol. Oh, you too, I see. Of course, that was it." 

Many are aware that Kim Jong Kook and Ji Suk Jin have become as close as a family as they spent more than ten years filming 'Running Man' together. Jeon So Min also revealed her close relationship with Ji Suk Jin as she confessed that she talks with Ji Suk Jin the most among the 'Running Man' members.

After seeing their interaction, netizens commented, "This is hilarious," "I love these kinds of interaction off-camera or on Social media," "Ji Suk Jin is pretty funny and pretty cool actually," "I really love the 'Running Man' team," and "I love these people. So funny."

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love the cast relationships



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They love to tease him.



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