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Netizens say MAMAMOO's 'Where Are We Now' comeback was subpar


Netizens are saying MAMAMOO's 'Where Are We Now" did not meet their expectations.

On June 5, the girl group began trending on Nate's community forum for teens on Pann, but not for positive reasons. One netizen posted that they were less than impressed with MAMAMOO's latest comeback, writing, "They came back with a bad song and dropped from the music charts quick... Why did they renew their contracts? There's a reason RBW Entertainment acquired Oh My Girl so quickly."

Other netizens commented, "The 4 members used to have good chemistry, but it seems like they're doing their separate things now," "I'm a fan too, but I don't think they released this album to make money... They probably just released an album to celebrate their re-signing. If they really wanted to make a comeback, they would be on all the major variety shows," "I was shocked when they dropped from the charts so soon," and more.

In related news, MAMAMOO renewed their contracts with RBW Entertainment earlier this year, and the label acquired Oh My Girl and B1A4's label WM Entertainment this past April.

What do you think of the netizen comments about MAMAMOO's comeback?  

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markmeinyourhart2,396 pts 14 days ago 2
14 days ago

"The 4 members used to have good chemistry"

Not Mamamoo explaining in every interview that WAW is a special album and the title track is speaking of all the things they went thru and how they came up to be MAMAMOO. It's fine if they fell off from the charts because they used to make music which could charm and please the public but now they're making music for themselves which is very brave and for the song I must say, it hold a deep and special meaning. it's something truly powerful and shows their maturity and hard work in these past 7 years. it has soothing vocals, visuals and something so simple as that is still considered a total masterpiece. I'm totally proud of MAMAMOO-


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frostyrose35 pts 14 days ago 0
14 days ago

I really loved the song. It holds a special meaning for fans and themselves. This was to celebrate their journey so far and tell their story. Not just theirs, and others can relate to the song as well.



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