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10 K-Pop Songs to Heal Your Broken Heart


Everyone goes through heartache at least once. One way to heal a broken heart is through music. Here are some K-pop songs to listen to when going through a break-up; some may make you cry, some may make you feel empowered, but all will help you through this difficult time!

1. AKMU - "How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love"

If you are looking for a song to cry to after a break-up, this is the one. AKMU's "How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love" brings you through the process of staying with someone despite the problems until the realization that the break-up is imminent. 

2. Sunmi - "Gashina"

"Are you sure you're not crazy? Why are you leaving someone as pretty as me?" If you are looking for a song to uplift you after a break-up, "Gashina" is the one for you! The song talks about being yourself and blooming like a beautiful flower.

3. BLACKPINK - "Lovesick Girls"

"Lovesick Girls" talks about the pain of heartbreak and not being to be with the perfect match. Member Jisoo said during the press conference for 'THE ALBUM' is a song of comfort; it sends a hopeful message to the girls who are constantly in relationships but continue to seek love.

4. DAY6 - "Letting Go"

While "Letting Go" was not released with a break-up in mind, its lyrics can resonate with anyone going through heartache. Lyrically, the song talks about letting someone go after holding on to them for too long; though they do not want to, they must let that person go so that they can be happy.

5. Taeyeon - "Fine"

Taeyeon's "Fine" talks about not being able to let go of lost love. Though the days and months pass, that person still fills up their days. The song reminisces about the good times and the bad times and how letting go is not easy.

6. Rosé - "Gone"

"Gone," a b-sidetrack from Rosé's debut single album '-R-,' sings about a female protagonist who is hung up on her former love, who has moved past the relationship. The idol has described the song as "poetic, heartbreaking, and honest." We are sure everyone can relate to the lyrics!

7. EVERGLOW - "Adios"

Need another song to empower you during this heartbreak? EVERGLOW's "Adios" is here for you! The song talks about severing ties with someone and wanting them to stay out of their sight and to keep your name out of their mouth. Talk about girl power!

8. SHINee - "Don't Call Me"

SHINee's "Don't Call Me" is another song to empower you! The song tackles the complex emotions of being betrayed by the person you love and brings you through the pain that it causes. After being betrayed, the person constantly tries to reach out for them, but to no avail... SHINee says, "Don't Call Me!"

9. Jennie - "SOLO"

Want to feel like a shining, independent girl/boy after a break-up? "SOLO" is here for you! The song shows a weak introverted girl in a relationship and immediately after a break-up bloom into an independent, strong woman. You do not need a relationship to shine, and Jennie is here to tell you that!

10. The Rose - "BABY"

Last (but not least!) we have "BABY" by The Rose. Lyrically, the song talks about not wanting to let your lover go but having to after the relationship turns dark and awkward. It shows how the relationship comes to an end; everyone denies it, but it must be done in the end.

Know any other K-pop songs that will heal a broken heart? Tell us in the comments below!

  1. Akdong Musician (AKMU)
  3. Jennie
  4. Rose
  5. DAY6
  7. Taeyeon
  8. SHINee
  9. Sunmi
  10. The Rose
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