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VICTON’s Seungsik style moments that left us shook


Leader to one of the most innovative K-Pop groups in the industry, VICTON, Seungsik holds the love of millions of fans worldwide. While being a powerhouse of talent on the one hand and a visual blessing on the other, he's inevitably an icon. The fact that he's also incredibly humble and soft, adds to his appeal. When it comes to style and fashion, Seungsik is always a step ahead, creating trends rather than following them. From his everyday looks to his stage costumes, Seungsik has wowed us over and over again.

This desert snake patterned leather jacket is a show-stopper, to say the least. Seungsik pairs it with another pattern, vertical stripes in black and silver, and while, in theory, it shouldn't work, it looks absolutely stellar on Seungsik. The slimmest chain hanging on his neck highlights the area without drawing too much attention to it while bringing the outfit together beautifully.

 It takes a certain amount of panache and nonchalant coolness to be able to pull off all black as powerfully as Seungsik does. There are little to no accessories to take away from the intensity of the black, and the untied bands at the top bare just the right amount of skin for the look to be alluring yet mysterious.

Seungsik can easily pull of aesthetics that are diametrically opposed to each other. He looks like a bright ray of sunshine with the color-blocked cardigan and the waist bag slung across the chest. The pairing of the denim shirt underneath adds just the right amount of oomph to the otherwise casual outfit.

Both tweed and turtle neck are some difficult pieces to pull off without looking unintentionally like an 80s hip hop star. However, Seungsik effortlessly carried both of them at once, paired with a chunky anchor chain necklace coupled with another delicate single chain. The mullet is unbeatable!

Layering takes practice and expertise in order to nail down, both when it comes to clothing and accessories. However, Seungsik proves once again that he's a seamless style icon, pairing varied textures in the same color tone and bringing it all together with the perfect chains. The see-through vest underneath it all peaks out from all the busy layers and makes its presence known as the hidden hero of the outfit.

Seungsik echoes a Parisian elegance in this outfit which looks simple yet sophisticated and dreamy. The color is fairly difficult to carry, but Seungsik pairs it with a darker brown cross-body bag whose strap, an alternating red and black perfectly matches the little red heart on the overcoat. Not only is this perfectly curated, but it also looks amazing, to say the least. This is the closest look to Seungsik's personal style and definitely makes us want to anticipate more such fits in the future!

Finally, to wrap this up with a pretty bow, we have the iconic suited fit. Looking stately like a Prince, Seungsik has the perfect physique for suits. His broad shoulders are accentuated by the clean-cut, and the navy blue striped blazer was made for Seungsik! The overwhelming abundance of blue is soothing to the eyes, and the occasional but fitting bursts of white are a welcome addition. We hope to see Seungsik in suits even more in the future!

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sun1e-336 pts Thursday, May 6, 2021 0
Thursday, May 6, 2021

He is absolutely stunning. He looks like an elite high fashion model. Victon is full of visuals.



mrrreow3,531 pts Thursday, May 6, 2021 0
Thursday, May 6, 2021

The second, fourth, sixth and seventh pics are my favorites.



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