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Netizens react after iKON's Bobby decides not to include a verse of his own in the 'Kingdom: Legendary War' rap battle stage 'Full DaSH'


On the May 13 broadcast of Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War', the competing teams split up into two teams, Mayfly and IT'S One.

The two teams then faced off against each other in three unit battles - rap, dance, and vocals. From team IT'S One, iKON's Bobby, The Boyz's Sunwoo, and SF9's Hwiyoung formed a trio for the rap battle, with Bobby taking the lead as the trio's leader and producer. Many viewers, as well as the competitors themselves, expressed their excitement at the chance to see the winner of 'Show Me The Money 3', Bobby, competing in a rap contest once again.

First, the trio met up to honestly open up to one another about their rap styles and directions. Bobby, being the sunbae of the group, listened to both Sunwoo and Hwiyoung carefully, as the two hoobae idols expressed their desire to try out different genres, especially in the area of rap. 

After hearing the two hoobaes' thoughts, Bobby, hand-made and produced the trio's competition song, "Full DaSH". But many fans noticed that in the track, Bobby chose not to include a rap verse for himself. As you can see in the KakaoTalk message below, Bobby laid out the components of the song for Sunwoo and Hwiyoung:

0:00~0:12 Intro
0:12~0:37 Verse 1
0:37~0:49 Free part 1
0:49~1:14 Hook
1:14~1:38 Verse 2
1:38~1:51 Free part 2
1:51~2:15 Hook
2:15~2:28 Bridge
The rest is the outro or a repeat of the hook

Many fans felt that Bobby chose not to claim any rap verses for himself in order to let his hoobae idols fulfill all of their wishes on such a rare, hip-hop stage. After hearing Sunwoo and Hwiyoung's dilemmas about the lack of opportunities to pursue music styles outside of their groups, Bobby said during his interview, "It feels weird, but I saw a little bit of my old self in them. Their thirst for rap, or the questions that they're dealing with in terms of their characters. I was surprised."

On Bobby's decision not to include a verse of his own, netizens said:

"He just wanted to give his hoobaes a chance to shine."
"If Bobby had a verse he might have feared overshadowing the others too much. This way, Sunwoo and Hwiyoung had a chance to shine more."
"Even if he loses in a small battle like this, it's not like the whole world doesn't know how good he is, so he had nothing to lose."
"Bobby is all about having a good time. I guess this time he had a better time giving his hoobaes the limelight."
"That was smart. Even if he is the winner of 'SMTM', in a competition like this a team's balance is important."
"Basically, he did that so people couldn't just go, 'That was all Bobby'." 
"He didn't have a single verse of his own but he wrote and produced that whole song and coached those two with their rap."
"It was a good chance for a lot of people to see that there are rappers in The Boyz and SF9."
"Even though for fans it might have been a little disappointing to see Bobby lose, he wanted to do something for his hoobaes rather than showing off his own skills. I respect that."

Did you watch the latest episode of Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War'?

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venoa3,900 pts Friday, May 14, 2021 0
Friday, May 14, 2021

Bobby is such a kind hearted idol , he might seem a little rough and "inaccessible" but he truly has a heart of gold. He's very down on earth (and an undercover cutie).



cjd733 pts Friday, May 14, 2021 0
Friday, May 14, 2021

Thats good sportsmanship



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