Posted by jennywill Saturday, May 15, 2021

Netizens don't think LABOUM's 'Journey to Atlantis' deserves the same treatment as 'Rollin'


Netizens are not as excited about LABOUM's "Journey to Atlantis" climbing back up on charts as they were about Brave Girls' "Rollin'". 

LABOUM's "Journey to Atlantis" has shot up on charts ever since LABOUM was on 'Hangout With Yoo'. However, it's not getting the same welcome that Brave Girls got when "Rollin'" started shooting up on charts.

The biggest hangup that netizens have about LABOUM is that they have been accused of sajaegi in the past with 'MISS THIS KISS'. The girls had constantly sold less than 1,000 copies in the first week with their previous releases, but suddenly sold 28,000 copies of 'MISS THIS KISS' in the first week. After, they went back to selling around 1,000 in the first week. 

Not only so LABOUM apparently out-sold GOT7 without any fansigns, even though GOT7 is well known for having one of the highest album sales out of idols, combined with the fact that GOT7 had a fansign. It was also pointed out that LABOUM sold more than 35 times their debut album with 'MISS THIS KISS'. This feat is completely unheard of The girls ended up beating IU on 'Music Bank' with "Hwi Hwi" because of the high album sales.

Another factor was that when "Rollin'" started sweeping music charts, LABOUM's label continued to try to promote LABOUM along with Brave Girls as what netizens are calling the '1+1' tactic. The two are very similar as they are both frequent performers in military performances, and "Journey to Atlantis" was a well-loved song overseas.

What do you think about LABOUM and "Journey to Atlantis"?

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isanghansonyeon1,212 pts Saturday, May 15, 2021 1
Saturday, May 15, 2021

It sucks, but Laboum definitely deserves the success - they are not responsible for their company's tactics

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LoveKpopfromAust4,435 pts Saturday, May 15, 2021 3
Saturday, May 15, 2021

As a long time Laboum fan I have to concur with what is written here because it is common sense to concede something untoward did occur during Hwi Hwi promotions. In addition, having Yulhee leave after the Hwi Hwi comeback was not good for the group's momentum (real or otherwise). Their poor sales post Hwi Hwi demonstrate their momentum was manufactured because you do not suddenly lose so many fans (have a drop in sales) from one comeback to the next in such quick time. I still like the group and am a fan of their music but I can certainly understand why netizens might feel the way they do. Exid and Brave Girls comebacks are rare and I didn't think Laboum would be successful in hitching a ride on the Brave Girls gravy train.

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