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Mina adds on in a series of new Instagram posts that she wants to talk one on one with Jimin


In the late evening hours of May 1 (KST), former AOA member Mina made a series of new Instagram posts, adding on to her frustrated letter shared earlier that day. 

In her latest posts, Mina recalled from memory various traumas suffered during her days in AOA, as a trainee, as well as in her early teens. She accuses the former AOA leader Jimin of violence, bullying, mistreatment, threats, mockery, and lying, all traumas that left immense physical and mental pain for Mina. The former idol also mentions numerous occurrences of attempting self-harm, and how each time, someone was there to transport her to the hospital before it was too late. 

Finally, Mina makes it clear, 

"Whenever any mention of you comes up, all I can do is cry. I am never going to stay silent like the other victims do. It's either I'm going to get better as time passes and I'm going to live well, doing what I love, or I'm going to live trapped in these traumatic memories of Shin Jimin, forever in pain, or I'm going to disappear if I can't take it any more. Whatever the case it ends up being, I just need to talk to you one on one. You know my contact info. If you're a human, and you treated me that way for over 10 years, don't ignore this message. Try and come up with any stories you can to fight back against me, try to ssay anything about what I did to you. I'm confident. When I think about how much I suffered at your hands, I'm just so amazed that I'm not dead from the severe stress."

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Emotional manipulation is a tool of an abuser. Mina has said that Jimin doesn't want to answer her calls, so the normal thing to do would be to respect that and leave her alone. Instead, she says that she self harmed for insta so Jimin's friends would let Jimin know about it. This would, ideally for Mina, cause Jimin to succumb to the pressure of her emotional manipulation and call Mina, even though she clearly does not want to do that.
‏‏‎Mina says "You keep asking, 'Is it not enough that I made her retire from the entertainment industry?' No." These are terrifying words filled with malice. Someone suggested that Mina will only be happy once Jimin is dead, but I don't think even that is the case. Mina desperately needs Jimin as a punching bag and an excuse as to why she's a mess, because taking personal accountability is significantly more difficult.
Stop enabling this woman. Stop spreading the narratives that she has created about other people who were not allowed to defend themselves due to her manipulative threads of suicide because this woman's credibility is highly in question.


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kupid1,439 pts 13 days ago 20
13 days ago

You can't force someone to feel apologetic. Jimin came over to her apartment when the scandal broke out and apologized. But after that mina posted on social media saying she wouldn't accept that apology because it wasn't sincere. If she forces another apology out of jimin, does she think it would be sincere this time?. Plus the last time I checked, celebrities always apologize when a scandal breaks out to save what is left of their career. So if mina already exposed Jimi for having sex in the dorm, kicked her out of the industry making sure she has no career left to save, why else would jimin be willing to apologize? . At this point jimin will only apologize when she genuinely feels sorry and it is not something that can be forced. Plus the way mina sounds now is the way she sounded when this scandal first broke out, which means she probably isn't even ready to talk it out and would reject any apology even if it is sincere


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