Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, May 14, 2021

Jay B posts an apology


Just a day ago, social media was filled with photos of Jay B's live broadcast as the GOT7 member showed a wall filled with 'naked' photos.

During the Instagram live, Jay B was spending some time talking to his fans about the upcoming release of his album when Jay B revealed the wall in question. Soon after, social media platforms such as Twitter were filled with discussion over the artist and his wall.

After the commotion, H1GHR MUSIC posted an apology regarding the incident and stated, "Hello. This is Jay B's agency H1GHR MUSIC. Firstly, we're truly sorry to have troubled fans. It's already well-known among fans that Jay B holds individual photo exhibitions and takes pictures like that of professional photographers. Besides music, he expressed interest in art and photography and showed his talent in various fields of art."

Following the agency's apology, Jay B also personally wrote an apology and posted it on his Instagram story. He said, "I am sorry I caused sudden concern to those who have been watching me. I posted the photos from an artist that I like but I am sorry I showed them when viewers of all ages were watching. I will be more careful in these parts so that I don't make anyone frown. I'm sorry."

In fact, one GOT7 fan posted an explanation of the photos that were seen on Jay B's wall. This fan explained, "I want to clarify everything. The picture on Jaebeom's wall is this one. It was a part of a photo exhibition called 'Plastic Love' for City Camera. The artist is Yim Young Woong." The fan posted the photo that was on Jay B's wall that many fans took issue with.

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Kirsty_Louise26,642 pts Friday, May 14, 2021 4
Friday, May 14, 2021

I honestly have no issues with him having these on his wall, I didn’t want to assume why he had them up either and jump to conclusions. I saw comments comparing him to a predator which he absolutely doesn’t deserve. I’m a huge fan of photography and have studied it myself, so where as that kind of photography isn’t to my taste I don’t judge anyone who does like it. Which a lot of people do, don’t know why people were calling him a creep.

I was only a little confused as to why he’d show the picture when fans of all ages were watching, which I found a little inappropriate. He’s apologised now so that should be the end of it.


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NORM3,694 pts Friday, May 14, 2021 3
Friday, May 14, 2021

Glad he only apologized about no warning due to the age of some of his audience. Cos that was honestly the only issue here.

(Loool to the fans that said it wasn't his room, pfft yall need to stop acting like you know these pple off camera 😂😂)


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