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Former AOA member Mina reveals Jimin punched her


Former AOA member Mina continues to reveal details about the past bullying she suffered from Jimin during the girl group's promotions.

On May 2nd, Mina wrote on her Instagram, saying, "I was punched in the chest by Jimin when I was a trainee. The members didn't stop her."

Mina continued to claim, "When Jimin was a trainee, she ordered me to do errands such as getting her water and would repeatedly hit me on the chest with her fist and curse at me."

The former AOA member also claimed that the other senior singers would compliment Mina on her singing, but only Jimin would tell her that she was bad at singing. Mina explained, "Because of Jimin's repetitive criticism, I was so scared that I had to take medicine to calm my nerves every time we recorded."

Mina continued to say that Jimin would invite her acquaintances to the dorms and put everyone in a difficult situation, and would talk bad about all the members. Mina then claimed that "I suffered unexplained seizures because of Jimin and was taken to the hospital. I would faint without reason and I was diagnosed with cervical cancer dysplasia. Jimin's fans keep driving me to be the perpetrator."

The former girl group member continued to state that all the AOA members were negligent even if they knew that Jimin was abusive, and Mina claimed that all the members didn't like Jimin as well. Mina stated, "Chanmi wanted to continue group activities without Jimin and wanted to add me. Seolhyun also stated that Jimin is like an old geezer. Yuna also had a difficult time because of Jimin. Hyejung also said, 'Mina didn't do anything wrong but why does she need to quit her dream?' The members also talked about the reasons why Jimin hates me but now they are contacting me telling me that the group was negatively affected by me. I did talk bad about Jimin but I never took part in the bullying. I was hurt by everyone too."

She also blamed Jimin for being unable to be at her father's deathbed because Jimin told her not to ruin the mood, but despite the ten years of bullying, Mina said she mustered up the courage to go to Jimin's father's funeral.

Mina then explained that Jimin had said 'Sorry' to her during the funeral, so Jimin thought they had reconciled. She explained, "Jimin told me 'sorry' while crying at her father's funeral. So she thought we had reconciled through just that. I really want to meet with just her."

Last year in July, Mina revealed that she had been severely bullied by Jimin for ten years while being a trainee and promoting with the group. Jimin then admitted to her wrongdoings and left the group. However, Mina continues to claim that she did not receive any proper apology from Jimin.

Mina posted on her Instagram on May 1, claiming that she wants to talk with Jimin and meet with her one on one.

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salviaa1,775 pts Monday, May 3, 2021 23
Monday, May 3, 2021

Every day Mina tells these stories, the story becomes more unbelievable. I think Mina was very sensitive and often didn't attend the group's programs, but Seolhyun participated in all the programs despite being tired. That's why Jimin is hard on Mina. In a part of post, She wrote that the sympathy of AOA members was pretense And accuses the whole group.

About T-ARA We all judged with closed Eyes, and now we are content with the words of only one person in this group! The story must be heard in two side. I hope the group talk about this too


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pink_oracle13,080 pts Monday, May 3, 2021 28
Monday, May 3, 2021

She did not just try to blame cervical dysplasia on Jimin?? Literally the only cause is catching the HPV virus so unless she's also accusing Jimin of sexual assault she's just straight up making shit up at this point.


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