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Seoul officials discuss current state of (G)I-DLE's city ambassador contract amid Soojin's bullying allegations


Seoul city officials have issued a statement regarding (G)I-DLE's future as official city ambassadors, clarifying their stance on Soojin's school bullying controversy.

According to press reports on April 19 KST, the city has not dropped (G)I-DLE as ambassadors; however, they are carefully paying attention to the current handling of the situation. 

"Although the situation is currently under internal review, we are looking to see if the school bullying allegations are true rather than [focusing on] dismissal,"
a representative for the city told the press.

They also mentioned a (G)I-DLE campaign billboard in Seoul's City Hall Station that is still up despite the period it was supposed to be up for already having expired. The official clarified that they are currently unable to take the billboard down as the station is under construction, and the billboard will be replaced with another advertisement in July when the construction is finally complete. 

Meanwhile, the Cube Entertainment girl group has been ambassadors for Seoul since December 2018, and are currently under contract through December 2022.

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wesseldj800 pts Monday, April 19, 2021 3
Monday, April 19, 2021

Even if Soojin did bully, that has nothing to do with the other members, so (G)I-DLE as a brand and group name could very well still be ambassadors of Seoul. It would be very wrong to drag down the entire group for the wrongdoings of one person. Luckily members like Yuqi, Miyeon, Soyeon, Minnie have many other projects going on, so if the group will disband, they can continue on other lines of work. Worried about Shuhua though, her main thing was getting on vlive, even that has stopped now...


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CrayTina3187 pts Monday, April 19, 2021 1
Monday, April 19, 2021
I find it WILD how sooooo many people are willing to believe the worse about a person they never met without ANY ACTUAL EVIDENCE. It's a scary world we live in today. Celebrities are expected to accept ALL accusations that get thrown at them, to not stand up for themselves and clear their name on parts of the scandal that aren't even true, and to be punished for having unproven rumors randomly thrown at them. It really shows how immature and thirsty fans are for yet another witch hunt. Why can't people focus on real damaging issues that have already been proven to exist, like sexism, racism, or climate change. Leave Soojin alone, cussing at an ex-friend isn't bullying, trying to smoke cigs isn't a crime. People are ridiculous!


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