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‎Block B's B-Bomb holds his first live stream since his military discharge and explains his viral “popping to hymns” story

‎Block B’s Bbomb held a Vlive broadcast on April 28, commemorating his discharge from the military, through which he shared that he likes to spend a lot of his time at home, and unveiled the details behind his school days story that one of his classmates revealed about him.

Bbomb confessed his experience of being surprised by the revelation of his classmates while he was still serving. The revelation article was nothing other than a story of him dancing poppin' to hymns during his school days. He said, “My hands were shaking while checking what my classmate had posted,” he said. “Everyone kept telling me that someone wrote something about me online, and that scared me, what did I do? I didn’t do anything as a student.”

‎He then added, “but I can't remember why I danced 'hymn poppin’ at that time, we didn’t have a lot of ways to listen to music so I might have thought that dancing to any genre would make me a good dancer.‬⁩"

During the Vlive, some of BBomb’s army juniors were leaving comments, which led him to share as an answer to a fans question that the pros of being a Block B member in the army were a lot since everyone there was big fans of Block B, they were telling him all the time about what songs they liked and such, which made him very proud.

Bbomb has also shared his plans of opening a youtube channel and his future plans for making music, emphasizing that we will be meeting Block B as a full group after they all finish their service, danced the moonwalk, and was even joined by Block B member Taeil sometime during the Vlive.‬⁩

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i’m so happy my favorite dimpled dancer is back

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