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Netizens praise Taecyeon's "evil" acting in 'Vincenzo'


2PM's Taecyeon fully unfolded his acting skills showing off the true face of evil on the popular drama 'Vincenzo.'

In the recent episode of the tvN drama 'Vincenzo' that aired on March 21, the appearance of Jang Jun Woo showing his true nature as a sociopath increased the tension of the show. Jang Jun Woo (played by Taecyeon) had shown an innocent and kind nature but is now fully displaying his evil nature.

Jang Jun Woo began officially unraveling his evil plans and solidifying his presence as the mastermind behind all the crimes. Under his ambition to hold South Korea in his hands, he accelerated the production of Babel Pharmaceutical's painkillers, dispatched men to threaten the residents of the Geumga plaza, and began investigating Vincenzo by sending his men to Italy for more information.

In particular, Taeyeon perfectly portrayed the evil nature of the sociopath, Jang Jun Woo, by brutally murdering the director of the Southeastern District Prosecutors' Office by beating him continuously with a hockey stick. He showed his true intentions to relentlessly get rid of anyone who gets in his way. He showed his wild side when Seung Hyuk (played by Cho Jo Chul) said there might be a problem with killing the director, but Jang Jun Woo responded with, "the biggest problem is that my mood is ruined and I'm offended."

Also, Jang Jun Woo finally revealed the reason why he is hiding behind his half-brother as being the real mastermind of Babel. Jang Jun Woo explained, "One, it's very thrilling as if I'm playing a game. Two, To avoid jail when things go wrong. Three, it makes me feel like a god. God enjoys making people suffer while remaining hidden someplace." Jang Jun Woo is slowly unveiling his true nature and his brilliant ambition to control everything - from money, honor, and power.

This is the first time Taecyeon had played the role of a sociopath, let alone a villain. There have been mixed opinions over Taecyeon's acting; however, many netizens are praising the actor for his exceptional acting skills and his ability to perfectly play the dual personality of Jang Jun Woo. Many netizens say that Taeyeon is performing well in the drama and rather fits the role of the crazy villain very well. Netizens commented, "he looked so innocent before," "I think he acts better than I expected," "I think Vincenzo looks more villainous, to be honest, lol," "I don't think Taecyeon portrayed the villain too well," and "His acting wasn't too bad at all."

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Frl he’s acting got me chills I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday I mean all the casts and everyone that contributed in making this masterpiece thank you 😊



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