Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, December 14, 2020

Netizens say aespa's Karina was born to be a celebrity after falling in love with her cute personality


SM Entertainment's rookie girl group aespa is receiving a lot of attention. With four girls and their avatar counterparts, the new girl group quickly rose to fame as they entered the music charts worldwide. 

Recently, netizens are talking about one member of the group in particular and are saying she was born to be a celebrity. Many netizens are praising Karina for her beautiful looks and natural capabilities of being a celebrity. 

One netizen shared a short clip of Karina after her performance that showed her real personality. At the end of the performance, Karina is seen catching the falling confetti and saying, "Ah! I caught it!" In an instant, her facial expression changes from a charismatic girl group member to an innocent young girl happily catching the falling paper.

Netizens quickly filled the comment section of one online community as they fell deeply in love with Karina's cute cat-like personality. Netizens commented, "Karina is so pretty, I always click on her posts because she's so beautiful," "OMG, she's so cute!" "She's like a cute cat lols catching the falling paper," "She definitely born to be a celebrity, look at her face chance in an instant," "She's so pretty, and she's cute," and "Her personality seems so cute in that clip."

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sumsumnoonoo994 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 0
Monday, December 14, 2020

Awww Karina finally getting the love she deserved after all that hate



soshh3437 pts Monday, December 14, 2020 1
Monday, December 14, 2020

To the people saying she's being shoved down your throat: blame K Netizens for loving her then. If the post didn't get popular then no one would translate it lol.

Within the past month she has trended for things like wearing a ponytail, having bangs, her side profile and more. If you're bothered by this then don't open or read the article. How is it Karina's fault that someone posted this on theqoo and it managed to gain 20k+ views and 300 comments? Mediaplay would be if articles were published and there was no impact like little views and comments. But these articles are always on the Hot/trending page lol


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