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Netizens also bring up past 'MAMA' issues including no pay for K-Pop idols, private afterparty where most idols are not invited, etc


Furious K-Pop fans are also discussing some of the past issues raised against Mnet's signature year-end music ceremony, the 'Mnet Asian Music Awards'. 

Some have previously called the 'Mnet Asian Music Awards' the "moneymaker" of CJ ENM, Mnet's parent company. During the '2019 MAMA' ceremony last year, fans of K-Pop artists were charged 238,670 KRW (~ $220 USD) for a seat at the Nagoya Dome in Japan, as well as an additional 54,630 KRW (~ $50 USD) if they wanted to see the red carpet event. All 30,000 tickets for the '2019 MAMA' were sold out by the event date, earning CJ ENM a total of 7,160,100,000 (~ $6.6 million USD). 

However, K-Pop artists who perform at the 'MAMA' ceremonies do not receive any payment for their appearance, outside of flight tickets and lodging during their overseas schedule. Some entertainment industry insiders have criticized the fact that 'MAMA' makes a profit from ticket sales when none of the profits go to the K-Pop artists, whose fans are the primary ticket buyers. 

Furthermore, actors and actresses who are invited to the 'MAMA's (usually always overseas) also received additional special treatment in the form of exclusive invitations to a private afterparty. During the years when 'MAMA' was held in Hong Kong, the luxurious afterparties which took place at a sky bar at a top hotel were famous; however, most K-Pop idols are not invited to this afterparty, as many of them are spending sleepless days and nights preparing for the flood of year-end music show schedules. As a result, most K-Pop idols fly back to Korea immediately after the end of the main 'MAMA' ceremony. 

On the other hand, many actors and actresses who attend 'MAMA' as award givers are often personally invited by CJ ENM's well-known vice president, Lee Mi Kyung. The 'MAMA' afterparty, according to insiders, is an event where actors and actresses establish and maintain connections with high-ranking CJ ENM officials. Ordinary staff including celebrities' managers, the press, and civilians are forbidden from entering the afterparty. K-Pop artists who do attend the afterparty are often asked to perform for the crowd, as Big Bang is known to have done during their 'MAMA' attendances. 

Lastly, netizens noted that K-Pop artists who receive little to no pay during year-end music ceremonies and festivals, often spend well around several billion KRW (1 billion KRW = approximately 1 million USD) of their own funding for hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, stage setup, VCR filming, and more. Artists from "small agencies who don't have money can't even go on the year-end shows", some netizens claimed. 

In light of the recent controversy surrounding K-Pop idols' mistreatment at the '2020 MAMA' this past weekend, fans left furious comments such as:

"CJ is the lowest scum."
"This is why I don't want my idols to go on MAMA!"
"I'm shocked that they don't pay the artists..."
"Why would actors throw a big exclusive party after a ceremony for singers??" 
"Boycott everything CJ, don't buy their food, don't watch their channels, just don't do it."
"Can CJ please go bankrupt."
"I'm so angry, they eat up all the money and make my idols suffer TT."
"Why do my idols have to go along and perform for your private vacation and party TT."
"What a bunch of low f*****s."
"So idol fans have been paying for this private party all this time??"
"I hate CJ so much, can we please get rid of this fake award show."
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yvangelica7,116 pts Tuesday, December 8, 2020 2
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This is something have been happening since a long time... I still remember 2014 G-Dragon's performance were he literally talked about how MAMA is a rigged award ceremony. It's sad to see kpop artists being mistreated in a MUSIC AWARD CEREMONY. It doesn't make any sense to me...


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zeroli1,184 pts Tuesday, December 8, 2020 2
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

People complain and such, but whenever CJ/Mnet releases something people will support it making them richer no matter what.


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