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"Shouldn't the male lead switch?" 'Start-Up's Han Ji Pyeong has a huge lead over Nam Do San in a popularity poll


Recently, netizens are discussing how the popularity of a supporting character is so high as opposed to the popularity of the male lead character.

With more and more viewers taking interest in the tvN drama 'Start-Up,' a poll was started on Naver in which netizens can vote for either Han Ji Pyeong, played by Kim Sun Ho, or Nam Do San, played by Nam Joo Hyuk. The poll started on November 28th and asks, "Start-Up's Nam Do San Vs. Han Ji Pyeong: Who would you choose if you were Dal Mi?" So far, the results are surprising as Han Ji Pyeong received 81% of the 46,000+ votes.

One netizen posted this result on an online community as many other Korean netizens joined in on the discussion. The netizen stated that the supporting character is receiving so much love that it might be better for the drama to change the male lead. 

The netizen stated she continues to watch the drama because of Han Ji Pyeong and would have stopped watching a long time ago if it wasn't for his character. So far, many netizens are agreeing as they state they like Han Ji Pyeong much better than Nam Do San. 

Netizens' Commented:

"I'm surprised Nam Do San got even 18 percent. I thought Han Ji Pyeong would win by 98%."

"To be honest, who would choose Nam Do San? He's not charming at all."

"Well even if Han Ji Pyeong is popular, we all know that the female lead will end up with the male lead."

"I haven't seen that many people want Dal Mi to end up with Do San. I like Han Ji Pyeong so much better."

"I never was into the supporting male character before but with this drama, I'm so into Han Ji Pyeong for some weird reason..."

"I really think Nam Do San's character has nothing charming about him. He's like a totally old car. I don't know why the writer gave all the good characteristics to Han Ji Pyeong but made Nam Do San the male lead."

"I think I like Han Ji Pyeong because the actor Kim Sun Ho did well."

"I'm watching the drama because of Kim Sun Ho."

  1. Kim Seon Ho
  2. Nam Joo Hyuk
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myouuu1,898 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 4
Monday, November 30, 2020

If I were DM I would choose JP too. I think comparing the two is like comparing men with boys, that is why viewers like JP's character more. He is more mature. Also how can you resist his pretty smile? Impossible.

I hope one day in kdrama land, there will be no male leads or second male leads, because that makes them so predictable. Or maybe I am just worn out because I am watching 4 dramas right now 😭

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a7lah185 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 4
Monday, November 30, 2020

To be honest the drama is a mess, it became so boring even though it was promising in the first episodes, now I only watch Ji Pyeong's scenes.

The only good thing came out of this drama is that more people discovered Seonho, he's really good at acting and that's why more people are taking interest in him, he's just that good, and I think no one can act his character as good as he did..
Also he has nice personality if you guys watch 2d1n you would fall for him totally <3

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