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Legendary CL appears on the new episode of SBS's YouTube show 'MMTG'


CL, the original and legendary "Bad Girl" of Kpop, appeared on the SBS's YouTube show MMTG special segment 'JJO.' 

This segment of MMTG is a special episode in which singers and artists who have been active for over ten years appear and talk about their unique characteristics and habits that have become their signature.

In the new episode of MMTG, CL appeared and talked about various habits she had formed while performing for over ten years, such as her unique diction and stage performances.

The host pointed out CL's unique diction that became a signature to CL's rap. CL stated that she had put in the effort to clearly dictate the lyrics; therefore, she accentuates certain words.

Next, the host asked about her performance habits on stage. The host pointed out that in many of CL's performances, she looks to her side when she sings. CL stated, "Oh, I do look to my side more than I expected." When the host asked, "what are you thinking when looking to your side?" CL replied, "I'm not thinking anything in particular. I think it's just a habit."

Lastly, the host talked about CL's signature fashion looks. The host stated that CL has been known for her various sunglasses looks. When talking about her sunglasses, CL revealed a behind-the-scenes story about one of her sunglasses.

CL talked about the sunglasses she wore when she was doing a cover song of G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" during the 2009 SBS Gayo Festival. CL stated that the unique sunglasses would keep moving up while she was singing and later, the sunglasses ended up almost at her forehead. She stated she hid behind her mic to cover her sunglasses that had move up her face.

In this episode, CL talked about more behind-the-scenes stories when she promoted with 2NE1 and her inspirations for her songs. She talked about the Korean traditional inspiration for CL's solo songs. She stated she had included the traditional aspects in her new song "+HWA+" as well.

You can see more CL in MMTG's talk show below:

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i've seen a few episodes before of this host. She's the most energetic host I've ever seen haha



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