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Ham So Won decides to get her daughter tested for autism after reading critical comments from netizens


On the new episode of TVCHOSUN's 'Flavor of Wife,' Ham So Won and Jin Hua decided to take their daughter, Hye Jung, for a development assessment. 

In the episode which aired on November 24th, Ham So Won received direct messages of criticism about her child-rearing methods. Netizens sent her messages stating, "Your daughter shows no facial expression throughout the show," "I've rarely seen your daughter smile," and "She seems dark and gloomy all the time."

After reading those messages, Ham So Won turned to her daughter right away and asked her to smile. Worried, Ham So Won privately speaks to her husband, Jin Hua, telling him, "People are saying we're raising our child wrong. They said Hye Jung will form a mental illness this way." Ham So Won became upset, saying, "But this is our first time raising a child. I think we should go to see a specialist."

Eventually, the couple brought their daughter to be assessed through a developmental exam to see if Hye Jung's development and upbringing is sound.

Ham So Won stated, "There are many people who worry about Hye Jung's development. Also, she's been aggressive with her friends by biting her and attacking her classmates. Also, we are concerned that she might have issues with language since our family speaks two languages."

Ham So Won was told to play with her daughter at the office as the doctor will observe Hye Jung's behavior. While playing, Hye Jung was seen avoiding her parents as Ham So Won and Jin Hua came closer to her. When playing with the fruit toys, Hye Jung's nanny told Ham So Won to buy a set for her daughter since Hye Jung seems to enjoy them a lot. However, Ham So Won curtly stated that Hye Jung could play with them at the office.

The doctor also asked Ham So Won to run around with her daughter while looking at the mirror. However, Hye Jung seemed dissatisfied and began playing by herself again.

Hye Jung was also tested for language development issues because Ham So Won was concerned Hye Jung was not able to speak properly at her age. However, in contrast to Ham So Won's worries, Hye Jung was able to answer the questions quickly. When seeing Hye Jung answer the questions easily, Ham So Won and Jin Hua couldn't help but be happy. 

After the assessment, the doctor pointed out that Ham So Won only talks to Hye Jung but doesn't let her daughter answer. Also, Ham So Won doesn't show any other interaction with her daughter except clapping for her daughter when Hye Jung cuts the toy fruits.

The doctor also criticized that the only question Ham So Won asks Hye Jung is, "What is this?" commanding the answers from her daughter. The doctor mentioned that Ham So Won does not stimulate her daughter's thinking levels when she should be asking various questions to have her daughter think. The doctor advised Ham So Won to use nouns and adjectives while talking with Hye Jung. 

Ultimately, the doctor also stated that Hye Jung is experiencing simultaneous bilingualism. The doctor advised Ham So Won to use only Korean and Jin Hua to use only Chinese when speaking with Hye Jung.

Also, Hye Jung showed hyperactive tendencies during the temperament test. The doctor mentioned that Hye Jung received attention for excessive behavior. The doctor advised that the parents have a set of rules that is consistent in the family. 

One other concern the doctor had for Hye Jung was that Hye Jung shows tendencies of isolation. The doctor stated that Hye Jung might form communication issues in the future and might become an outcast due to her tendencies to isolate herself from others.

The doctor pointed out that Ham So Won's personality is highly competitive and dominant. The doctor stated that Ham So Won seems to be hyperactive and emotionally unstable at times. The doctor stated, "It seems the mother is impatient and unwilling to wait and feels disturbed if things are not done quickly. However, you need to be patient when it comes to your daughter. You have to spend more time with her."

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Violetta1237,208 pts Tuesday, November 24, 2020 1
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The problem is, what's real and what's only done for the show? It might be reaching a point where their daughter is more aware of what's going on around her and their 'show' behaviour is starting to impact on her.


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sejun-the-great2,585 pts Tuesday, November 24, 2020 3
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Why is she making everything so public though? Now it feels like she's doing all this crappy parenting, just so that she could get more publicity for the show.


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