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Swedish K-pop fans are complaining that the Swedish media only reports the negative aspects of K-pop all the time


As the influence of K-pop spreads across the globe, the severe scrutiny and heavy criticisms also increase over time.

Even before K-pop gained popularity all over the world, K-pop celebrities such as idol group members were subject to the close scrutiny of the public. However, this scrutiny and heavy criticism has just become globalized.

Recently, Swedish K-pop fans have been taking it to social media such as Twitter to complain and express their disappointment with the media that only reports the negative aspects of K-pop after Swedish broadcast station tv4's 'Efter Fem' reported about K-pop.

The Swedish netizens have stated, "Too bad that in Sweden and tv4 only address the negative side of Kpop...I think most people would agree that there are so many more positive sides of Kpop than there are negative..."

Some even express their anger as they state that the K-pop segment only discussed negative incidents such as the suicides of Korean celebrities such as Jonghyun, Sulli, and Hara. It was reported that the segment even distorted the facts to say that such celebrities took their own life because their career as Kpop stars was going down and was almost over. 

Swedish K-pop fans express their deep frustration and disgust with the media as it seems to only amplify the bad side of Kpop and even distort the news being spread.

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11 days ago

I think bad news are more popular in general, not only k-pop related ones. That's why you shouldn't read news if you want to be happy every day)



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11 days ago

Swedish news always like talking shit about artists with a huge teenage following, so that doesn't surprise me. But I really do not see what is wrong with bringing up the dark side of kpop, because it NEEDS to be talked about more. Nowadays Western media starts talking about Kpop in a positive light, and of course there is a lot of good music to be talked about, but WE, literally us fans but also GP, keeps ignoring the dark side of the Kpop industry (really Korean social culture in general) that causes the high suicide rate in SK.

That tweet basically said "don't mention the suicides as it is a sensitive topic/not relevant" but these people (Jonghyun, Sulli, Hara..) they spent the majority of their lives in the spotlight of the Korean entertainment industry, this industry and people in it failed them, so what happened to them IS relevant to talk about. We cannot keep ignoring the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes in the Kpop industry, causing mental health issues and in worst-case scenarios suicides.



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