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SuperM fans angry + disappointed after finding out that SM used SuperM to drop hints about aespa's debut


SuperM fans are angry and disappointed after finding out that SM Entertainment used SuperM to promote their new girl group aespa

After SuperM returned with their epic "One (Monster & Infinity)" comeback MV back in September, many fans were excited by a mysterious sequence at the very end of the MV, which featured member Taemin wandering alone, before pulling out a device and revealing a strange new logo. 

Of course, fans thought, a dramatic sequence like that at the end of an MV meant a potential new storyline for the group involved, maybe leading to their next comeback. 

But it turned out, the logo that Taemin revealed at the end of SuperM's "One (Monster & Infinity)" MV was only aespa's logo. 

One SuperM fan in particular is garnering sympathy from her fellow fans, as she decorated her nails with the mysterious logo, inspired by SuperM's MV. However, now they've sudden gone from being a SuperM fan, to being an aespa fan. 

What's more is that fans have reason to believe that SM Entertainment promoted the 'aespa' logo not only at the end of SuperM's MV, but also at the end of Taemin's "Criminal" remix MV, and at the end of NCT U's "Make A Wish (Birthday Song)" MV.

The end of Taemin's "Criminal" remix MV:

The end of NCT U's "Make A Wish" MV:

(The purple butterfly was originally suspected as being linked to the 'ae' logo)

Netizens left comments like, 

"I mean this isn't the first time that SM introduced other artists through MVs, but this was too overboard. Everyone thought it was a spoiler for SuperM's comeback TT."
"So many fans must have been disappointed thinking that it was some spoiler for a new universe for SuperM."
"If I were a SuperM fan, I'd be so pissed."
"Even the members didn't know about that part at the end and thought that it was something big coming."
"The fact that the members were kept in the dark about promoting some new girl group with their MV is just wrong."
"Actually we would have been less mad if they just openly said that they were promoting aespa, but now people waited for nothing."
"No one would watch that MV and think that the mysterious part at the end was some promo for a completely unrelated girl group."
"This is really wrong though... now SuperM's entire MV just became a promo for aespa." 
"OMG I feel so bad for the person who got their nails done like that."

...and more. 

Did you notice aespa's logo at the end of SuperM's "One (Monster & Infinity)" MV?

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thisworldiscrazy162 pts Thursday, October 29, 2020 13
Thursday, October 29, 2020

The only solution is to get Taemin debut in aespa now.


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kupid779 pts Thursday, October 29, 2020 5
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Only new sm group stans would be mad because guess what sm does this for all his new groups . Some promoted taemin when he debuted too. So am sure thay are cool with doeing same for their hoobaes


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