Posted by beansss Thursday, October 15, 2020

Netizens accuse SM Entertainment of treating a trainee better than their already debuted artists after the label's earlier lawsuit announcement


Earlier on October 15, SM Entertainment released an official statement to announce that they have filed formal lawsuits against those who spread malicious rumors involving their girl group trainee, Yoo Ji Min

Hearing the news, some netizens began to question the validity of previous controversies surrounding the girl group trainee, who was accused of mocking other SM Entertainment artists in private conversations with her friends. However, other netizens, particularly longtime fans of SM Entertainment artists, had other issues with SME's statement. Many are now accusing SM Entertainment of treating a trainee who has yet to debut better than the agency's already debuted artists. 

This isn't the first time that fans have complained about SM Entertainment's reluctance to take legal action on behalf of their already debuted artists. Numerous times in the past, when SM Entertainment spoke up regarding controversial issues on rare occasions, many netizens quickly spoke up demanding more proactive action to protect the label's artists. 

Now, some netizens are reacting to the news of SM Entertainment's official statement of response in light of Yoo Ji Min's malicious rumors, 

"WTF, when have you ever properly sued malicious commenters who attacked EXO, NCT, or Red Velvet???"
"SM, can you please take this opportunity to just sue every single malicious commenter out there who ever hurt our artists, please."
"Now can you guys please start reporting sasaengs, they are the worst."
"I can't imagine how frustrated fans must be when they see a trainee being treated much better than their artists."
"When did they ever take any action against all those haters who attacked Yeri for every little thing."
"Hello, SM you're famous for never taking legal action for any of your actual artists, what's going on."
"There are so many crazies on Buble that get off easily with just a warning."
"I have been a fan of SM artists since f(x) and I have never seen this company take proper legal action for anything, WTF." 

...and more. 

Other occasions where SM Entertainment officially announced legal action against malicious comments include NCT member Taeyong's former controversy. The agency did not take any public legal action against malicious commenters after EXO member Chen announced his marriage. 

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etherealaurora180 pts Thursday, October 15, 2020 4
Thursday, October 15, 2020

This way of thinking is such a stretch. Just because SM doesn't release a public statement about suing doesn't mean they haven't done it, most likely it was down in private, per the artist's request or many other reasons.

They went public with this one most likely only because she hasn't debuted yet and is part of the new girl group so they don't want her image to be destroyed before a proper debut. No way are they playing favorites, why would that even be your first thought? That's not even a logical way of thinking lol.

Also, by going public they are 100% sure they can win this lawsuit rather then being 50% or 70% sure so there's also that.


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Procrastinating1,777 pts Thursday, October 15, 2020 2
Thursday, October 15, 2020

I think there is a big difference between types of malicious comments. People saying Chen should leave EXO because he got married or Yeri is somehow hurting Red Velvet by existing or Irene/Joy are hurting Red Velvet by being feminists - those are all delusional crazy obsessive idiots. I find their comments offensive and I'm sure it hurts the idols. But I'm not sure legal action is the right strategy. Even if their opinions are crazy, it is still just an opinion. People spreading outright lies, as in this trainees case, is another matter. There is also a strategy issue: Suing gives the issue more attention. With some haters I think ignoring them may be the better strategy. This poor girl doesn't have an established positive reputation yet, so it makes more sense to defend her clearly so that the only info about her won't be defaming lies.


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