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Track List:

1. G.B.T.B


3. Hold me tight

4. Get Outta My Way

5. So gravity

VERIVERY has released their latest mini-album, FACE US, a five-song EP with the title track, "G.B.T.B. (Go Beyond The Barrier)" as the powerful focal point of the comeback. This release marks the delivery of a dynamic third episode to their FACE it series and marks a historic point in their careers as they go for a concept with more intense showmanship.

The group's title song, "G.B.T.B. (Go Beyond The Barrier)," does just that and pulls the listener in with an aggressively catchy melody and powerful anthem-like chorus. The song intends to encourage fans to persevere through the hard times they are facing and go beyond the barriers and overcome difficult situations together. The group's rappers have some of the fastest spitting I have heard in a long time in a K-Pop song, and the song's electronic breakdown actually does do the song favors. Its repetition makes it an earworm over time.

Track 2, "MY FACE," isn't my favorite. I feel the instrumental to be ominous and disjointed from the bridge and the chorus. Something about the punch of the song's polyphonic sound is a bit too loud and ends up being a bit distracting when listening to the song. Luckily, we're quickly treated with a little bit of the classic VERIVERY sound with "Hold me tight," which boasts a synth and city pop-inspired vibe. Vocals are soft, melodic, and an absolute treat.

VERIVERY proceeds to continue their endeavor to try a more eccentric, dark, and mysterious comeback with "Get Outta My Way." The song has a classic club 808, but the lyricism doesn't make a hugely impactful punch on the brain. Overall, the song is not bad. The five-song release ends with "So gravity," a song with a very classic VERIVERY sound and execution. Their vocals are the major focal point and strong suit for this OST style ballad.


I had the chance to speak with VERIVERY regarding this comeback personally in an interview I did with them earlier this month, and Minchan said that much of this comeback was a DIY and the MV was not an exception. The boys put their personal touches and opinions forward on everything they put out, and the video for "G.B.T.B." really showcases that. 

VERIVERY's strong suit here is the exceptional choreography and teamwork. With some groups, the synergy between members can feel off, but with VERIVERY- they operate as a unit, and the teamwork pays off with a good product as a music video. The futuristic music video concept is tied into the comeback's message of "our own new world," and it truly feels as though we've flown a spaceship to VERIVERY-land in this MV.


MV Relevance…..9

MV Production…..7

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 8.0

Album Production…...7

Album Concept……...8


Album Score: 7.3

Overall: 7.7

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