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Second contestant is sent home on Mnet's 'I-LAND'


At the beginning of the episode of Mnet's 'I-LAND', the I-Landers continue to compete for their spot in the debut group.

The new episode aired on September 4th KST and began off with revealing the global popularity vote rankings of the contestants. Kim Sun Woo, Lee Hee Seung, and Park Sung Hoon came in at first, second, and third place respectively followed by Taki, Jake, Yang Jung Won, Daniel, Han Bin, K, Niki, and Jay. The contestants reallocated their name tags on the chairs and prepared to receive the next test.

Four members from Seventeen appeared on the screen to explain to the contestants the how-tos of their choreography and revealed that the Seventeen members will meet the contestants in 24 hours.

The two songs that were given as the third test are "Pretty U" and "HIT" by Seventeen. The contestants were already divided into their unit groups to perform the songs with Kim Sun Woo, Daniel, Park Sung Hoon, Yang Jung Won, Jake, and Taki performing "Pretty U" and Niki, Lee Hee Seung, Jay, K, and Han Bin performing "HIT".

The contestants began their practice as the members of Seventeen visited the I-Land just as they announced. The contestants showed off their practice with the Seventeen members as the senior group gave heartfelt and thoughtful advice to the contestants.

After the contestants were able to enjoy a bit of time to relax as they took the time to communicate with their global fans. The contestants had a time of laughter and fun as they watched video messages from their fans projected on the wall of the I-Land building. 

The contestants also shed tears as they each left a video message for each other. The contestants have grown a bond with each other as they wish they can make it to the finals and debut as a group together. They left these messages to each other right before the announcement of the survivors was made.

Then it was back to the reality of the intense and fierce competition as the members faced the announcement of the next competitor to go home.

The eleven contestants stood in front of the judges as they waited for their names to be called for the next stage in the second round. The first survivor in the competition received a global vote of 1,705,287 from fans all across the globe placing him at number 1 this week. The I-Lander to take this glorious title as number 1 was Kim Sun Woo.

Lee Hee Seung came in Second place followed by Jay, Han Bin, Park Sung Hoon, K, Jake, Yang Jung Won, and Niki respectively.

With a short time to celebrate, the contestants had to prepare to say goodbye to another member of the I-Landers as Daniel and Taki await the results. The rest of the contestants who had their names called had to wait in tenterhooks as the judges revealed the second person to go home.

In the end, Daniel came in at tenth place with 828,473 global votes placing Taki in the eleventh place. Daniel was able to stay in the competition as Taki made his way out and head back home.

All the fans and the contestants of the show became sad as they say goodbye to Taki as he becomes the second member to go home during the second round of the 'I-LAND' survival show.

The fans wish Taki well in his next endeavors as he sets off from the show.

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Mkm1,887 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 1
Friday, September 4, 2020

its stupid that now they are making us vote for only ONE!

i'm rooting for heeseung, sunghoon, jungwon, jay, k, jake, sunoo


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quark1239517,948 pts Friday, September 4, 2020 0
Friday, September 4, 2020

Jay getting that jump though. 👀 I'm sad for Taki, but I know this isn't the end for him. He will debut soon. I know he will.



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