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Netizens react to NCT's new members Sungchan and Shotaro


It has been almost a day since the new members of NCT were unveiled. Since then, many fans and netizens have been sharing mixed feelings about the two new members Sungchan and Shotaro.

On September 23 KST, SM Entertainment officially revealed the two members through the special 'Resonance Live Event - Wish 2020' broadcast. Since then, netizens are at a constant heated discussion about the two new members.

Some netizens and fans welcome the new members with warm hearts while others are busy criticizing their looks and discuss if the two members are right for NCT.

Previously, NCT fans reminded fellow fans to refrain from making malicious comments on the new members. Despite the request, there has been a divide in the online communities as netizens continue to discuss the matter.

Netizens' Commented:

"Shotaro doesn't look like an NCT member. I through they picked good looking people for NCT. I guess not."

"I'm not part of the NCT fandom but the new member does stand out a bit."

"They look cute. The Shotaro guy is a really good dancer."

"I never saw a face like Shotaro's at SM Entertainment. I always through SM has very pretty people."

"Sungchan is handsome."

"The Shotaro guy looks like Kang Daniel a bit."

"I think Sungchan is better looking than Shotaro. LOL."

"I guess they can fit into NCT. It's not that bad."
"Sungchan looks exactly like the SM style. lol."

"I'm a little disappointed because I expected a lot when they said they will reveal new members."

What are your thoughts on the two new members?

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athalia-b1,128 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 14
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Quite sad how Allkpop almost never posts positive Netizens reactions. I don't understand why people are complaining so much when they're both equally handsome


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summerbreezy3,680 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 5
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Imagine making a comment like " Never saw a face like that at SM". How pathetic is that! Bad negative comments about the newest member who also happens to be Japanese just screams 100% racism. Nothing new where everyone's outward appearance is ripped apart on a daily basis.


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