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Man saves a family by preventing them from crossing a bridge right before it collapsed


"Don't cross the bridge, don't come!" One man's desperate cries saved a family.

On September 3rd KST, the Pyeongchang County office stated, "At 7:28 AM the Songjeong Bridge, which connects the city of Hajinburi Jinbumyeon and Songjeongri, collapsed due to the rapid increase of river water."

When the Pyeongchang county was notified about the bridge collapse, they were relieved to find that there were no casualties.

However, after checking surveillance footage, Pyeongchang county office discovered a surprising fact - A man had frantically shouted to prevent people from crossing the bridge, which resulted in no casualties.

According to the surveillance footage, one man had prevented a vehicle from crossing the bridge right before it collapsed. At 7:28:25 AM, a man frantically rushed out when he saw a car trying to cross the bridge.

The man waved his arms in the air and stopped the car signaling the car to go back. After understanding the man's signal, the car began backing up. Seconds later, the bridge collapsed.

If the man had not given the sign to the car, the car would have been washed away by the strong currents of the river.

As seen in the video, the currents of the river are strong enough to wash away the car and take the lives of the people in it.

According to Pyeongchang county, the man was Mr. Park who lives near the bridge. As soon as he saw the waters of the river increase, he voluntarily began stopping traffic to the bridge. As the situation worsened, he notified the county office.

Thereafter, he notified the people in the village of the danger and also helped police and the fire department to control traffic to the bridge.

Meanwhile, the recent typhoon brought over 225mm (10 inches) of rain to the county.

The excessive rain destroyed the Songjeong Bridge built in 1989 and destroyed the Dongsan Bridge, built in 1981.

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naazy5,267 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 0
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Dude’s a hero



pink_oracle10,497 pts Thursday, September 3, 2020 2
Thursday, September 3, 2020

Bit worrying that it was a member of the public and not a city official that predicted that all the unprecedented rainfall would compromise the bridges safety.


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