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Former TAHITI member Ari clarifies all the speculations about her and states she is not part of Shincheonji


Just a few hours after admitting to dating Super Junior's Ryeowook, former TAHITI member Ari took the time to explain and clarify all the speculations about her through her Twitter.

On September 30, Ari took it to her Twitter account to explain and apologize for all the misunderstandings. She posted a long letter to all the fans and netizens explaining, "There were many mistakes I've made that hurt many people and I am sorry. I did not set up the cafe for them and the income from the cafe does not belong to me either."

She also clarified she is not part of the church of Shincheonji. She explained, "I am a Christian but I am not part of Shincheonji. The captured photo of the lady is not me."

Ari also took the time to explain the Incheon date hashtag that she had used to upload a few photos on her Instagram. She explained the date was with one of her close girlfriends and not with Ryeowook.

She explained that she did not go to the lounge bar with Ryeowook but she went with one of the members of the musical cast. The man in question was one of the cast member's older brother who is a musical actor.

Ari explained, "I want to apologize because all the speculations about me could have hurt everyone. I know my words won't alleviate the hearts of everyone but I want everyone to know how apologetic I feel. I'm truly sorry. There is not one lie in this writing."

The full post reads:

"Hello, this is Ari.

I want to apologize for the discomfort I caused in everyone's hearts and I am writing this letter to clarify any misunderstandings.

First, I want to apologize for hurting everyone through the mistakes that I've made so far.

Foremost, the cafe account was made to help with promotions but I unintentionally caused discomfort for some people. I have experience with cafe work so I wanted to make the page pretty. He did not set up the cafe for me nor do I own any of the income from the cafe. I believe everyone must have felt uncomfortable when you found out that I am the one making the posts. I'm truly sorry.

Also, I never had a couple-ring. All the photos were all rings of similar designs and they are not a couple-ring. Also, the bouquet flower photo is not a photo of the bouquet I made. The flower shop is where I used to receive lessons and I made the recommendation that their flowers are pretty.

I am a Christian but I am not Shincheonji (a new religious movement that was involved in the first massive outbreak of the coronavirus). The photo of the lady that everyone thinks is me is not me. Two years ago a senior asked me to participate in a radio show. That place was Cheonji Ilbo. I do not know even now if that radio station as any affiliation with Shincheonji. I'm sorry I caused a misunderstanding.

Also, I'm sorry I caused discomfort with the use of the hashtag "Date in Incheon". The content of the post was all according to the guidelines of the sponsoring company so I could not edit the photo. Also, the wine bar photo was with a close girlfriend of mine. The shadow is that friend and also the hand is the girl friend's hand. He was not with me at that time.

The rumor about going to the lounge bar with a male musical actor, he's the older brother of one of my members and we've known each other for nine years. I posted the photo to help him promote the new lounge he had opened and I was there with my member to congratulate him.

I apologize for staying silent until now. I believe there will be some people who might feel uncomfortable about me explaining anything and I might cause harm to him. These are all things that have happened because I was not able to think carefully and acted thoughtlessly. I will try to become more mature and act properly.

I feel really apologetic that all these things could have hurt everyone and I'm sorry even for trying to apologize for these things. I know my words won't alleviate everyone's hearts but I wanted everyone to know how sorry I am.

I'm truly truly sorry.

There is no lie in these words.

My Instagram (@Tahiti_ari) has been hacked. I am mentioning this because there are people who misunderstand."

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I just want to say I am happy for Ryeowook and you . Hope your relationship last forever if you make each other happy ^^



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

She's explained more things today than a theoretical physicist.


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