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Former Stray Kids member Woojin speaks on sexual harassment rumors & solo promotions


Former Stray Kids member Woojin released a statement on recent sexual harassment rumors.

On September 7, rumors of Woojin allegedly sexual harassing women at a bar began spreading on social media. According to an anonymous poster on Twitter, an idol star speculated to be Woojin attempted to use his fame to pick up women at a bar, and when refused, he responded by getting angry and groping at least two women. Since the rumors began circulating, other idol stars have also been pulled into the allegations.

Woojin himself has now spoken up on Twitter, and he also let fans know he was preparing a solo album. He posted:

"Hello. This is Kim Woojin.

Today, I had an absurd experience... I'm letting fans know what's going on by posting this.

Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter and then deleted their account...

I've never even met that person, and I've never been to where they said I was.

I know my fans must've been very shocked, but it's not true so don't worry too much.

Also, I recently found an agency that my heart agrees with, so I'm working hard to prepare for solo promotions.

My label plans to take legal action against the spread of false rumors, and any response after this will be taken care of by the label so please don't worry too much.

Okay, I'll update you on news again. Thank you."

In other news, Woojin officially left Stray Kids in October of last year due to personal reasons. 

Take a look at Woojin's statement and the Twitter poster's allegations below. What are your thoughts on the rumors?

Update: In another series of tweets, a seemingly different user states she was drinking alone on the night of April 29 when Woojin came up to her. She claims she was afraid of him when he began talking about being a famous idol, and he didn't back off when she said she had a boyfriend. According to the user, he then paid for a bottle of whiskey for her and continued discussing how attractive she was, including how he liked "western girls especially because of their body." Her friend told her she'd be there in 15 minutes, but when she tried to leave the table, he allegedly grabbed her wrists. She then screamed, and a guy at the bar asked if she was okay. 

The Twitter user states, "Kim Woo Jin is an abuser. I don't know if he's friends with people who are like him, but he's an abuser... If he pulls you by the wrist and bumps you with his disgusting penis in his pants, it's sexual assault. He tried to hold me, and I wouldn't be able to go if no one helped me. I have said everything, so now I will log off and will never come back to Twitter again. Thank you for believing me."

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 9,815 pts Tuesday, September 8, 2020 29
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

this is a god damn cluster fuck on the forums....the og op seemed legit than all these fake accounts pop up and start accusing every idol under the sun...than some how comes back and states everyone is innocent but woojin than disappears again. Now woojin makes this statement..

I don't really like him, i never liked his attitude or personality in sk...whatever he did hurt bang chan and whatever he did caused him to leave with no one stating why...he had to of done something pretty shitty

however...I refuse to sit here and bandwagon...IF he is innocent i expect to see this so called new agency post their statement, I expect to see something stating legal action is being taken...

if i do not see these and this company is not a legit company 'cause i have not heard of woojin going solo at all..than someone is lieing...this is a terrible TERRIBLE thing to even lie about....it can affect someone's life in a tremendous way...

not only that this is why REAL VICTIMS never get the justice they deserve because too many lie and make these false claims...

i'm not choosing a side...i'm waiting for something to come to the surface


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kirith0t474 pts Tuesday, September 8, 2020 16
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The way so many people turned on him without any evidence or proof on either side is insane. I understand "supporting the victims" but at the same time you can't blindly cancel someone because of a rumor that has no substance. The "guilty until proven innocent, but everyone will still act as if you're guilty even if you are innocent" mentality is extremely toxic. We should look at BOTH sides of the story with extreme caution. You can support the victim without destroying the accused's life. Make sure to wait for evidence or proof before jumping to one side.


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