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Posted by moonkun Friday, August 7, 2020

Why UNIQ and X1's Seungyoun and Yibo make fans go "EOEO"


On August 5th, UNIQ’s Seungyoun and Yibo turned 24 and 23 respectively. To celebrate, here are just some of the reasons they make fans go "EOEO" over them!


UNIQ is a five-member Korean-Chinese boy group under Yuehua Entertainment. They officially debuted in 2014 in South Korea and China and made their Japanese debut in 2015. One of UNIQ’s most successful comebacks was EOEO, released in 2015. EOEO was featured in the American magazine, Teen Vogue, where UNIQ was promoted as a boy band to fill the One Direction-Shaped Hole in boy band lovers’ hearts. The group consists of Zhou Yixuan, Kim Sung-joo, Li Wenhan, Cho Seungyoun, and Wang Yibo. As UNIQ has been on hiatus, member Li Wenhan became the center of the project group, UNINE, winning first place in the 2019 Chinese survival program, Idol Producer. Fellow member Zhou Yixuan also participated in the 2019 Chinese survival program, All For One, and debuted under the project group, New Storm.

WOODZ's Musical Talent

Seungyoun initially debuted under the name of Luizy, but later switched to the stage name of WOODZ, indicating a change in musical direction from hip hop to alternative R&B. However, Seungyoun has stated that he is willing to try all genres. Since his appearance on Show Me the Money 5, Seungyoun has been known for writing all of his lyrics and self-producing most of his music. He has been praised for tackling taboo topics like mental health in some of his songs. Some of his releases as WOODZ include DIFFERENT, Meaningless, and Love Me Harder. One of the most successful songs he has participated in producing is It’s OK, created for the Chinese boy group, Nine Percent, on the 2018 season of Idol Producer. 

X1's Lead Vocal and Lead Rapper

In 2019, Cho Seungyoun participated in the fourth season of the Produce series, Produce X 101. Though he initially placed 67th in the first ranking, Seungyoun was able to capture the hearts of the citizen producers and eventually entered the top ten ranks and finished in fifth place. Seungyoun was able to show stable vocals, rapping, and dancing, making him a triple kill trainee. Seungyoun’s focus cam as the center for Move on Produce X 101 still remains one of the most-watched focus cams from the series.

However, due to the vote manipulation controversy MNET was facing, X1 was forced to disband early in January of 2020.

Produce 101 and Street Dance of China

While fellow member Cho Seungyoun was preparing for Produce X 101 in South Korea, Wang Yibo was cast as a mentor for the 2018 Chinese adaptation of the reality show, Produce 101 along with ex-EXO member, Tao. As the main dance instructor, Yibo’s impressive dance skills gained increased recognition on the show, and he provided comforting words of advice as well as teachings to the female trainees seeking their debut. Yibo even performed alongside the trainees in a girl group performance in one of the show’s missions.

In 2020, Yibo is a leader in the third season of Street Dance of China, which began airing on July 18. Street Dance of China gained great attention from fans around the world due to the impressive mentor line-up, including EXO’s Lay, GOT7’s Jackson, and UNIQ’s Wang Yibo. Yibo is known for having a reserved and quiet persona, however, when it comes to things he is passionate about, like dance, Yibo’s true side is revealed. In Street Dance of China, Yibo caught a contestant copying choreography and reminded all contestants the importance of originality as artists.

The Untamed Actor 

In addition to the music industry, Wang Yibo began pursuing his acting career in 2016, participating in multiple movies and dramas. In 2019, Yibo starred in the Chinese drama, The Untamed, which was very popular globally and received greatly positive reviews. After gaining a steady footing in acting, Yibo entered the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2019 and was also listed as one of the 30 most influential people under 30 years old who have made waves in their respective fields. In 2020, Yibo is set to star in the drama, Legend of Fei, which is scheduled to begin airing in December of 2020. Alongside Yibo is former IOI and Pristin member, Kyulkyung.

Though the UNIQ members may be separated at the moment, Unicorns still appreciate their talents in all different platforms!

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chanipopcorn2,176 pts Wednesday, September 30, 2020 0
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

i used to like them both but i stopped liking yibo when i saw an interview he did and i didnt like his personality at all. he also told the interviewer that he thought her questions were stupid. i was just like ok....so....no for this guy

woods on the other hand is really sweet and cute and talkative. he has a lot of ideas. he's also really silly. i like him a lot



hildra22 pts Friday, August 7, 2020 0
Friday, August 7, 2020

Oh man! How I wish they could promote together again T_T For a moment I thought we were getting news on UNIQ!



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