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Stray Kids name their favorite YouTube content, favorite webtoons, & more in September edition of 'Singles'


Boy group Stray Kids showed off a medley of eclectic fall fashion styles in the September edition of 'Singles' magazine!

After capturing the hearts of fans all around the world with their chic, mature photoshoot, the Stray Kids members returned to their young, energetic personalities for their magazine interview. First, Stray Kids shared what they've been watching on YouTube lately! Bang Chan said, "I am watching videos related to hip-hop. The YouTube algorithm, on the other hand, keeps suggesting workout videos, so I am also working out diligently (laughter)." Lee Know answered, "There's a series on YouTube called 'Fake Men' that's really entertaining. When I watch the people enduring intense guerrilla warfare training, it makes me all fired up and I think, 'I should live passionately and diligently'." I.N, on the other hand, shared, "I watch mostly performances by other idol groups, especially 'stage mix' videos. Of course, I watch a lot of Stray Kids videos too." Felix commented, "I have a lot of interest in cooking, so I watch cooking channels. And then I apply some of the recipes I watched to create Felix's original recipes." Hyunjin said, "I've watched almost all fancies of the sunbaenims I really respect, like Taemin sunbaenim and Jimin sunbaenim."

Stray Kids also recently garnered attention for their web drama OST "Hello Stranger" for the series 'Pop-Out Boy'. What web dramas or webtoons are Stray Kids watching/reading? Han replied, "I am rereading a webtoon which very recently came to an end after a long time, a series which I grew up with, 'Sound of Heart'." Lee Know revealed, "There's an ongoing Friday webtoon series called '1 Second'. It's about firefighters, but right now the story is at that frustrating point right before it blows up so I'm waiting for it." Hyunjin remarked, "I read at least one series every day. I read almost all of the popular webtoons. If I start one, I just kind of barrel through it without stopping." Felix also added, "When I was younger, I read a lot of webtoons which were translated in English. One of them was 'Tower of God', and so I was really honored to be able to sing the OST for the animated series." 

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will be returning with their 1st repackaged album 'IN生' soon. 

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brideofchani7,148 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 0
Friday, August 28, 2020

oh such cuties. i want to watch youtube with them

dear stray babies, i use youtube to watch people paint bugs and clouds, and i also watch in depth reviews about paper. will you still be my friends even though i'm weird? thx in advance



esmera1da11,644 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 0
Friday, August 28, 2020

They're so cute, adorable, and funny you just have to love them.



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