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Starlights disappointed after seeing Hongbin returning to his Twitch activities an hour after official Jellyfish announcement


Fans of VIXX, also known as Starlights, are overcome with disappointment after Jellyfish Entertainment officially announced member Hongbin's departure from the group

Earlier this week, former VIXX member and online game streamer Hongbin indicated his intentions to return to his Twitch activities, approximately 5 months after coming under fire for his derogatory remarks about other idol groups like INFINITE, SHINee, etc. 

Less than a day afterward, VIXX's label Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed Hongbin's departure from the group as well as from the agency. Fans then quickly noticed Hongbin erasing his account from VIXX's fan cafe without a word. 

An hour after Jellyfish Entertainment's official announcement, Hongbin was seen returning to his Twitch channel. The streamer carried out a short, live chat session with his followers, confirming his intentions to continue his streamer activities. Allegedly, Hongbin was seen referring to Starlights as "former fans from my days in VIXX", "fans of the idol group VIXX", "Fans from that side", etc. 

Disappointed fans left comments such as, "Even though I stopped liking him after that drunk broadcast, I didn't leave bad comments or anything because I spent a long time liking him... but seeing his behavior from today, I feel like crying and like I wasted my time liking this person", "Would it have been so hard to leave a personal message to the fans before leaving like that", "What happened to the Hongbin who was shaking from being nervous while he gave me an autograph at the fansign... I didn't know a person could change this much. If I'm this shocked, the VIXX members must be going through so much", "Did the team VIXX mean so little to him... He just cut off all ties without an ounce of manners", "He did all that damage to the team's image and then just up and left without looking back once. I'm embarrassed out of my mind for liking someone like him", "You know I was worried about you after that drunk broadcast because of all the backlash, but then you go and refer to me as 'The fans of that idol group VIXX'? That's just not it", etc. 

Meanwhile, VIXX members including N, Leo, and Ken are currently carrying out their mandatory military service duties. Member Ravi is promoting as a solo artist and through variety program appearances, while maknae Hyuk is promoting as a solo artist and actor. 

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Hs1234537 pts Saturday, August 8, 2020 7
Saturday, August 8, 2020

This article contains mistranslated speech. I am a starlight and read the correct translation online. He said that he is sorry for all this mess. He had a very brief broadcast/stream confirming that he left the VIXX and the company. He DID NOT say what the article mentioned. He literally apologized, confirmed the news and spoke about how much VIXX and Starlights meant for him. I hope allkpop stop spreading fake news. Leave the man alone, he already received enough unnecessary hate.


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yvette-878919 pts Saturday, August 8, 2020 0
Saturday, August 8, 2020

Stop spreading. He said there is more to this than he can reveal right now, but he hopes to say more in a future broadcast. We have no idea, NO idea, what's been going on these past 5 months. He posted to his Twitch community tab that he'd be coming back soon with 'changes' and that he'd been cooped up in his house for 5 months. He didn't even appear, not even for a second, in RealVIXX videos about Ken leaving for enlistment, or Ken and Hyuk celebrating the latter's birthday with a cake behind closed doors. There was not even a hint of a phone-call or anything. He was blanked. Entirely. He was ghosted, essentially. Jellyfish cut ties with him, or he cut ties with them. He's free to stream again, and 'fans' jump at him for supposed wording. This is exactly like the controversy at the root of this. He was mistranslated there, and look at what happened. To be honest, if this is the attitude of some 'fans', I hope he leaves the Idol life entirely and doesn't look back. Of course, I hope he remains friends with his former members, but I honestly think he'll be happier with all this vitriol and drama behind him.



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