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Netizens share how quickly opinions can change once you leave a fandom


Netizens talked aboutthe 'frightening changes' that occur once you leave a fandom.

On a popular community site, K-pop fans shared instances in which they experienced a sudden 'change of heart' after leaving a fandom. Whatever fandom it may be, netizens wrote that the person whom you "used to love the most with all your heart" can suddenly become "no one".

In the post, the uploader shared a post from Twitter: 

"Really..once you leave a fandom...it's crazy how the person becomes no one, as if I have never loved this person ever in my life...S/he becomes someone worse than someone you've never met before......Once you reach the peak of being involved with a fandom, I tell myself, 'I know enough about this person, as far as I can ever know,' then I would leave...and then...what...what is this person? Nobody."

To this remark, netizens shared similar sentiments about the "unbelievable abilities of the human heart". While some agreed that you practically can't remember all the details from the previous (or ex) fandom, others shared that the memories still remain, "as long as they are good ones."

Some comments read: 

"Once you leave a fandom, you forget everything. Even if you left the fandom in a good way or a bad way."

"Well, I still continue to support them from afar, as long as I didn't part ways with them in a bad way. It remains as a dim memory..."

"The human heart is so strange. I think I'm undergoing a process of switching gears to join another fandom, but I still think that my ultimate bias takes up a warm place in my heart. I hope s/he is happy."

"I still watch some videos when they get recommended on YouTube lol but it's good to leave for good once you do."

"I thought the thought of my previous bias would remain for a couple of years but nope, it changes ㅋㅋㅋ"

"You start realizing that there's really nothing more you can find out about your group"

"Yes, you start having less and less interest but still, no regrets"

"LOL I left a group because of an excusable incident so nowadays when I see them on TV I start to become so annoyed...the more you trust a person, the more you feel the pain of betrayal..."

"The human heart can be so cold. I used to think about my bias day and night, only that person/group, but now it has all become ashes so there's nothing I can do to change my heart back to the way it was."

Have you also experienced something similar after leaving a fandom?

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quark1239517,862 pts Sunday, August 23, 2020 2
Sunday, August 23, 2020

These people sound deranged.


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booitsjwu2,149 pts Sunday, August 23, 2020 15
Sunday, August 23, 2020

"it's crazy how the person becomes no one, as if I have never loved this person ever in my life...S/he becomes someone worse than someone you've never met before"

These "fans" need serious mental help. If you're one of these people, get this through your thick skull: you never had any kind of relationship with them and they don't even know or care that you exist. On top of that, considering you sound like a bunch of sasaeng "fans", they're 100% better off without you in their fandom.


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