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NCT's Johnny Suh, USA's vastly own K-pop celeb - the feline-like rapper with a tall 6-foot high body including strong muscles


Was Johnny Suh - better recognized as Johnny Suh/Suh Young-ho - truly put to adjoin EXO within the past times? NCT supporters shall be grateful to the highly skilled vocalist and rapper, who was raised in Chicago and made the progress to go to Seoul to follow a K-pop job.

This is Johnny - the NCT celeb with lots more than only nice visuals and strong muscles. Image: @NCTsmTown_127/Twitter

Supporters for the NCT boy group may recognize Johnny as the lovely sphere of sunlight who emits positiveness around his 6-foot body, even for those fresh to the group, these are a few lower familiar points about the US-born K-pop celeb also recognized as Johnny Suh or Suh Young-ho.

He was devoted to finishing his secondary school studies within America:

Posted by Johnny 쟈니 on Monday, January 20, 2014

Despite progressing star-training tryouts earlier during 2007, Johnny was permitted to move behind and forward in the middle of Seoul and Chicago to finish his secondary studies - a rare privilege from many entertainment corporations. Johnny created his formal debut later during 2016 - A great 9 years as a trainee.

He was nearly a participant of the boy group EXO:

Before during the time, EXO had been scheduled for a debut, supporters had dug up pictures of the celeb practicing and dining next to EXO participants and had hypothesized that he was initially within the Love Shot vocalist arrangement. Johnny had already said on his talk show, NCT's Night Night, that EXO's head Suho was alike his "real brother", who taught him important sessions when he was small.

The supporters adore his mom as much as the celeb does himself:

His "Johfams" fan circle affectionately mentions Johnny's mom as as Madame Suh because of her splendid tradition with child-raising methods. Johnny's mom works as the live streaming head of a Chicago press channel, making her a well-known individual within the capital's Korean community. Reports about her son's introduction were surprisingly announced on the news report during 2016. Johnny himself even praises her as she taught him several important life sessions, like always to survive during a time and encounter life. Supporters have playfully questioned the madame herself to write a child-raising publication as they praised her joyful and honest personality.


His announced 6-foot-tall/184 cm body is usually a fact of interest as supporters r not able to accept that he's not higher, referring to photos circulated over the internet where he rises over other celebs. He's also recognized to be committed to workout, causing supporters to invent the word "Johnsical" - the combination of "Johnny" and "Physical". Yet in fact, Johnny has yet to claim whether he is higher than his described height o 6 feet, avoiding the inquiry during a U.S. interview.

He's multitalented:

Johnny conducts a wave of fitness to NCT.

While his strong muscles are a sexy subject on the internet, Johnny is far more than his physical, fierce, and feline-like characteristics. He has displayed a range of skills, such as singing as well as a rap for NCT songs and lately participated in the line formation for 2 tracks from the boy groups 'Neo Zone' collection He's also educated for DJing, creating rhythms during his free time, and also has put on his broadcasting show with his buddy members Doyoung and Jaehyun. 

We love you Johnny Suh!


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Friday, August 7, 2020

wtf is the title lmao



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Friday, August 7, 2020

The tittle confused me but upon reading the article I have to say I just adore Johnny. He's funny, cute and extremely talented. He's got an extremely likable personality. I adore him!



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