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Kyobo Life Insurance to display the words of BTS's "Run" to encourage the citizens of Korea who have become weary due to the Coronavirus pandemic


Kyobo Life Insurance released a special advertisement to comfort the citizens of Korea who have become weary due to the elongated Coronavirus pandemic.

For one month, the Kyobo Life Insurance will display the lyrics to one of BTS' songs on the billboard located near Gwanghwamun Gate.

The song lyric that will be displayed is the lyrics to the song "RUN" that was released in 2015. The song "RUN" is known to express the hearts of the youth who are running forward into the unknown future. The music video was a global hit with the music video having 100 million views on YouTube and was also features in the 'GRAPHIC LYRIC' series back in June.

The part of the lyric that will be displayed is "Again, RUN, RUN, RUN. It's okay if you fall. RUN, RUN, RUN again. it's okay to get hurt a little." The message tells the Korean citizens that "It's okay to fall, it's okay to get hurt. Let's run again."

The billboard is made with a colorful and abstract design using various patterns. It will be displayed near the Gwanghwamun Gate so that many Korean citizens can see.

Kyobo Life Insurance had celebrated their 30th anniversary and have resonated with the Korean society as they try to encompass hope within the short phrase. They wish many citizens can find a place to breathe as they see this message on the busy streets of Gwanghwamun.

Meanwhile, many extracted texts from various works such as poems and songs were displayed in this billboard throughout the years. Now that it has been thirty years, Kyobo Life Insurance launched a new attempt to incorporate Kpop that is loved worldwide. They plan to deliver a message of support to the Korean citizens through the good influence exerted by the global superstar BTS.

A staff member from Kyobo Life Insurance stated, "We decided to display BTS' song on the Gwanghwamun Gate billboard as a special edition to cheer up the citizens who are overcoming the COVID19 virus. We want everyone who sees the Gwanghwamun billboard to be encouraged and be happy."

Gwanghwamun has been displaying hopeful messages filled with love since 1991. Since then, many citizens have received encouragement from the 20 meters wide and 8-meter long display board.

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naazy5,270 pts Monday, August 3, 2020 0
Monday, August 3, 2020

That’s great! I like how they are using different quotes to encourage people



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Monday, August 3, 2020

A positive message like this is needed right now!



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