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Kim Hyun Joong saves a life at a Japanese restaurant


It was reported that actor Kim Hyun Joong had saved a life on August 24th KST.

On this day at around 9:50 PM, a 47-year-old chef at a Japanese restaurant suddenly fell to the floor unconscious. Only identified by his surname Oh, the chef was cleaning up the restaurant counter when his body suddenly shook and he fell to the floor.

After hearing a thud sound of Mr. Oh falling to the floor, the workers of the restaurant all gathered to the counter. However, the restaurant workers only were able to nervously stand around not knowing what to do. It was at that moment when a gentleman enters the restaurant after hearing one worker yell out for help.

The man was wearing a black cap and checked the condition of the chef as soon as he entered the restaurant. He then pulled the chef's head back in order to secure an airway and unbuttoned the chef's shirt. He told the restaurant workers to call 119 (Korea's emergency phone number).

The chef's body became stiff to the point where his mouth could not be opened. However, the gentleman massaged the chef's chest and stomach until the ambulance arrived and directed the first aid asking the staff to get cold ice.

The man helped the chef regain consciousness for about nine minutes. The man constantly tried to have the chef react by speaking to him. The ambulance arrived at the restaurant when the chef slowly began to regain his breathing. This gentleman stayed to help the ambulance rescue workers move the chef into the ambulance and explained the situation.

The restaurant owner later revealed that this man who helped out in this emergency situation was Kim Hyun Joong. The restaurant owner stated that she did not realize that the gentleman was a celebrity at first.

The agency confirmed that the person who gave first aid to the unconscious chef until rescue workers arrived was indeed singer Kim Hyun Joong - a member of SS501 and one of the protagonists of the drama 'Boys Over Flower'.

According to restaurant workers, Kim Hyun Joong visited the restaurant about two hours before. He had dinner with the party, was waiting for a taxi outside, and went back in after hearing the screams of the restaurant staff. Kim Hyung Joong was reported to stay by the chef's side as he administered the first aid.

According to the manager of the Japanese restaurant, the chef had lost consciousness when he had went to take a phone call. When he had returned, Kim Hyun Joong was already leading the first aid.

The restaurant manager stated, "The workers were all young students so they did not know how to manage the situation but Mr. Kim Hyun Joong lead the situation and was able to save a precious life. We didn't even have a chance to thank him because we were all so taken aback" as he wanted to express his gratitude towards the actor and singer.

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This is the type of news you want to hear.



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wow thats awesome



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