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Fans say they're dissatisfied about this year's 'Idol Star Athletics Competition' taking place without spectators because girl and boy idols can freely meet without fans watching


MBC's annual Chuseok (Korean Harvest festival holiday) special '2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships' will take place as scheduled this year. However, the event will take place without any spectators due to the COVID19 pandemic.

The 'Idol Star Athletics Championships' began back in 2010 and is an event where all the idols gather to compete in different sports competitions. This program received much love from netizens as idols participated in the athletics competition. 

This year, the yearly event will take place but will take place without the usual spectators for the prevention of the further spread of the Coronavirus.

Also, the production team will regulate and encourage social distancing among the idol members who are participating this year. The production team will also thoroughly prepare the medical team to be on standby and carefully care for the idol members.

The event will still include sports that have little contact among the athletes such as archery and eSports. Also, they will be adding new sports to the list. The production team stated, "We will abide by the quarantine guidelines and put safety as our top priority so that idols can comfortably take part in the sports events."

Although the sports events will take place with thorough preparations, there are still some fans who have a negative view of this year's 'Idol Stars' Athletics Competition.'

Some fans have commented, "Do idols not get coronavirus?", or "Now that there are no fans, girl idols and boy idols can freely meet without worrying about their fans watching."

Many netizens and fans expressed their dissatisfaction stating, "They should cancel the program rather than having the program without spectators."

They worry that the idol athletics competition has been a place where girl idol members and boy idol members can form favorable feelings with each other. Some netizens even stated that the 'Idol Star Athletics Competition' is like 'Animal Kingdom'.

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Fnby10101,893 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 6
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Wait, so the people are pissed that the idols can meet and talk to other idols more comfortably without fans sending hate.... why are people so stupid. Who care if they interact, you don't control them or own them...


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bartkun 15,515 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

let them meet freely, like they should!

did those "fans" forgot that there will be tv cameras all over stadium?


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