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Posted by moonkun Tuesday, August 4, 2020

BoA’s odd experience during promotions 10 years ago


[Celebrating BoA's 20th debut anniversary]

On 'Knowing Brothers' episode 240, BoA and Sung Si-Kyung guested on the show to celebrate 20 years of their debut. During the quiz corner of the show, BoA asked the cast to guess what kind of odd experience she had when promoting Hurricane Venus in 2010.

Heechul joked that an actual hurricane arrived and that TVXQ’s Yunho, known for being one of the top three most passionate artists under SM, wanted to defeat the hurricane on stage.

Sung Si-Kyung, BoA’s co-guest on this episode, guessed that the underwear company, Venus, asked BoA to be their model. She bravely responded by saying she didn’t have much going on to be invited as an underwear model. When complimented on her shamelessness, BoA stated that she had hidden herself for so long, that she decided not to think before she spoke anymore.

When BoA gave the hint that the experience happened when she was walking on Garosu-gil, Min Kyung-hoon guessed that she was approached by a casting agent, despite being a debuted star already. BoA responded that his guess was similar to the right answer.

She then explained further that she was wearing a blonde bob, sunglasses, skinny jeans, and heels, a total celebrity look. Lee Su-geun and Heechul then wittily answered that a man in a black beanie across the street shouted, “Matilda!” after seeing her outfit.

After seeing that the Knowing Brother cast was going in a completely wrong direction, BoA gave her second hint and said that though this could be a pleasant experience for some, it was not for her. Finally, Seo Janghoon guessed the right answer: a modeling agency representative who did not recognize her approached her asked if she would like to be a model.

BoA admitted that she was dressed very fancily, but when a casting agent approached her, she wondered if she should be flattered or insulted. Though she felt very flustered, her entire staff crew began laughing because he didn’t know who she was.

She then shared that she had a similar experience recently. About two or three years ago, one of BoA’s friends wanted to visit a shaman to have her fortune told. When BoA agreed to go with her, the shaman suddenly asked BoA for her birthday and began writing something down frantically. The shaman then told her she must be desperate to become a celebrity, but said she wouldn’t succeed even if she became one.

The entire crew began laughing at the fact that the shaman was unable to realize how successful BoA already was. Sung Si-kyung added that this kind of experience happened to him often since he normally did not cover up or go out with his manager. He shared that he once rode a taxi where the driver sang along to one of his songs, and whilst making a right turn, he saw his face and immediately recognized him as a celebrity.

Even if BoA's face is sometimes is not recognized, her successful career and accomplishments in the Korean entertainment industry are undoubtedly recognized by all. Which of BoA's songs is your favorite?

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bxfangirl2221,961 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How could anyone not recognize BoA lol? My gosh, she's only made like a couple hundred bops. My all-time favorite songs by Boa are "Energetic" and "Eat You Up". English releases, yes I know, but they are classics! 😁


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