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Netizens are still shocked at the crazy live broadcast incident that occurred 15 years ago


Netizens are once again talking about the most shocking broadcast incident that occurred fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years go on July 30th, 2005, netizens and viewers were shocked and disturbed due to an unforeseen incident that occurred during a live broadcast of the MBC music program 'Music Camp'. This music program was broadcasted live on television so this video could not be edited.

Back in 2005, indie bands did not receive much recognition from the public. Therefore, music programs sometimes introduced these fresh indie artists as they were featured as a special performance. 'Music Camp' also went with the trend and introduced an indie band on their program.

However, problems arose on the first day 'Music Camp' attempted to introduce an indie band. The band Rux appeared on stage with 20 other punk rock band members as they sang the song "From now until the end".

When the intro-music started, one member of the band The Couch and another member of the band Spikey Brats suddenly took off their pants revealing their private parts on camera.

The whole ordeal was broadcast live on television as the bewildered cameraman tried to turn the camera away. Although the cameraman attempted to shoot something else while this happened, it was too late and the band members' nude bodies were all on air.

Singer Shinji of Koyote and MC Mong, the two MCs during that time, made an apology right away for the disturbance but the incident was reported on MBC's 'News desk.'

The effect of the incident was severe as many netizens and viewers felt much discomfort. The music program 'Music Camp' had to be canceled after the incident and the two members from The Couch and Spikey Brats were detained but received probation for the crimes of indecent performance and obstruction of business.

Still to this day, this was the worst live broadcast accident that occurred in Korean broadcast history. Many netizens still to this day are disturbed by the band members' actions.

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Don't be shy, share the uncensored version lol


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Friday, July 31, 2020

...and thats how they ended their careers



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