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Athlete Choi Suk Hyeon's mother coerced to slap her own daughter's face by coach


Recently, Korea has been under shock over the suicide of one of their triathletes. 

Choi Suk Hyeon was a South Korean triathlete and won multiple medals in the junior event and Asian triathlon championships. She had also finished in fourth place in the elite event at the 2016 national championships. However, the country was shocked to find out that she had been abused by her coaches over several years leading to her suicide.

After such unfortunate news hit the media, people have been mourning for the athlete. However, on the 7th of this month, more news broke out causing netizens to become lost for words.

It was revealed that the late Choi Suk Hyeon's mother was coerced to slap her own daughter by Choi Suk Hyeon's former coach, coach Kim.

Without being able to go against the coach's words, Choi Suk Hyeon's mother had no choice but to hit her own daughter as she shed painful tears.

According to an interview with The Korea Daily, her father testified "around April of 2017, coach Kim brought our daughter in front of us and slapped our daughter. He then told my wife to slap our daughter herself. So she had no choice but to do so."

This all started around April 2017, when Choi Suk Hyeon had left the dorm for two days without permission.

Choi Suk Hyeon's father stated that coach Kim called the parents over to the dorm that was located in the North Gyeongsang Province. Couch Kim went on to tell the parents "Your daughter has done something wrong so you need to reprimand her yourself as her mother. Hit your daughter's face in front of me so I can see."

Ultimately, Choi Suk Hyeon's mother had to slap her own daughter in front of the coach. Both Choi Suk Hyeon and her mother shed tears of agony. What is more appalling is that coach Kim didn't seem to be satisfied, and he continued to slap Choi Suk Hyeon saying "How dare you leave the dorm."

Choi Suk Hyeon's father also revealed that athlete Jang, a senior of Choi Suk Hyeon, was also there witnessing this. Choi Suk Hyeon's father said that Jang just watched the situation with a blank stare.

Others have testified to witnessing this event as well. Ms. A who is a fellow triathlete stated that "I saw Choi Suk Hyeon and her parents kneeling in front of the coach. And then, I heard slapping sounds and the couch cursing."

Coach Kim has yet to make a statement about the testimony made by Choi Suk Hyeon's father. However, coach Kim continues to state that "it is unfortunate that she died, but I did not abuse her."


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townmew690 pts Tuesday, July 7, 2020 12
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

How much power does this man have for them to kneel and to "have no choice" in slapping their own child?


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Pinksone81850 pts Tuesday, July 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

She had a bright future too. How dare the coach do that. So inhumane. If he really did that. And it does seem like it too.



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