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Leaked protected tweets of sasaeng fan show how creepy sasaengs are


Leaked tweets of sasaeng fan's secret account had netizens buzzing. 

On May 29, a post on a popular online community had netizens buzzing. The post showed screenshots of protected tweets and revealed the account owner is operating one of Seventeen's Woozi's fansites. 

The tweets say, in chronological order, "I'm sharing this because it's my secret account(?) Hoonie sleeps so adorably in flight. He puts both hands on his chest cuddled in his blanket...I think it was when he went to Japan... or maybe it was Vietnam...He was so tired he was knocked out before the departure. He later got up and leaned his seat back and continued sleeping lol Sound asleep in the first row." "

I never saw him eating on a plane can I have his inflight meals instead(?)" 

"I'm trying hard not to make eye contact with him in business class seatings..." 

"Oh, that was also cute...I was in the first row in coach and he was seated in the last row in business class. Everyone was getting ready to offboard and we saw a Korean Air towel(?) on Hoonie's shoulder. We said Ji hoon..!! On your shoulder..!!!! then that thing dropped from his shoulder like magic." "So we said Never mind! It's gone! then he looked down on the floor and nodded to us then continued to toddle off the plane lol uwu"  

Netizens have been commenting that these tweets are so creepy and egregious invasion of privacy. What do you think? 

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eottoke12,955 pts Saturday, May 30, 2020 12
Saturday, May 30, 2020

This sasaengs should disappear together with the corona virus


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birchlaw80 pts Saturday, May 30, 2020 22
Saturday, May 30, 2020
I still can't figure out why these groups, especially those from larger companies, don't fly private airlines.


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