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EXO's Kai melts fans' hearts with sweet messages via 'Dear U. bubble'


Fans are dying over sweet messages EXO's Kai has sent out via 'Dear U. bubble'. 

'Dear U. bubble' is a subscription service on SM Entertainment's application 'LYSN'. Fans can subscribe to SM artists who they'd like to receive and send messages by paying 4,500 KRW (about USD $3.7) every month. This service resembles one-to-many chat, where all subscribers will receive the same message sent by the artist. 

Check out some of the messages that melted fans' hearts below. Would you also subscribe to Kai? 

Kai: How do you feel when it's raining?

Fan: Listening to the sound of rain soothes my mind. What about you?

Kai: I just like everything. Rain or snow I just like them both haha. I came here because I liked it today. 

lol How was your day today? Let's talk before we fall asleep. 

There are a lot of people but it's only you who will see this :) 

lol stop playing around~~~~~~~ But did you notice? The rain stopped while we were talking. I'm a little disappointed it stopped.. because I came to like the rain more after today. We made good memories. I'd be happy even my feet get all wet in the rain. 

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nunyabsnss5,168 pts Sunday, May 10, 2020 0
Sunday, May 10, 2020

Love me some Kai and I hope that this doesn't hurt him in the future. Even though he's had 2 confirmed girlfriend's, he still has some delulus out there and in the past I've been ready to fight some of these cows who turned on him when he was caught dating and I hate how so many Korean antis talked about Kai like he's damaged goods and is a liar for dating. Not too long ago I saw a post on pann about how Kai would be so much bigger and successful if he had not harmed his image by betraying fans. Made my blood boil I was so angry and I'm afraid antis in the future may use this kind of fanservice against him. Also, to the person who said that Kai isn't too busy, he is preparing for his solo and Superm's comeback, while also having a personal life, that sounds extremely busy to me.



higibo74 (Banned)-19 pts Sunday, May 10, 2020 0
Sunday, May 10, 2020

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