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A BTS manager is under fire for allegedly using the company van with his girlfriend


A BTS manager is under fire for allegedly using the company van for personal reasons.

On May 18th, an online community post stated that a BTS manager used BTS's van with his girlfriend on personal excursions. The post stated that last year the manager's girlfriend uploaded a picture on her Instagram story congratulating her boyfriend on being an employee at BTS's agency.

Later on, she would post images inside BTS's company van and write things such as "Wow it's a celebrity van!" 

According to the community poster, this happened multiple times. The post also alleged that social media posts indicated that the manager's friends also rode in the car while on long personal excursions. The community poster also claimed that the manager would complain on his social media about driving for long hours and how difficult it is for him and that he appears to be an attention seeker. 

 Netizens have been commenting, saying:

"The girlfriend's bragging is going to lead to her boyfriend losing his job."

"The vehicle is supposed to strictly be used for public events but this guy is using this vehicle for his girlfriend for personal use?"

"Big Hit. Manage your staff better."

"Ugh LOL the bragging on SNS."

What do you think of this issue? 

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Kirsty_Louise18,224 pts Monday, May 18, 2020 7
Monday, May 18, 2020

Bad form, you dont bring your personal life in to your work. Especially when youre working with a famous group who could have had a scandal because your girlfriend is a clout chaser. Hes either going to be fired or demoted, hes shown he cannot be trusted.


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looveLess5,894 pts Monday, May 18, 2020 3
Monday, May 18, 2020

I'm not saying he didn't do wrong (cause he did) but what the fuck is wrong with his girlfriend? does she wanna get him fired?


Such a dumbass thing to do honestly.


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