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Kim Da Mi talks about her personality, habits, & wanting to become an actress since childhood in 'W Korea'


Actress Kim Da Mi of JTBC's 'Itaewon Class' has turned into a living, breathing embodiment of the luxury brand 'Fendi' in 'W Korea' magazine!

Conveying a cold, indecipherable mood in a pure, white set, Kim Da Mi proved that she's in a completely different 'Class' from others with her unique presence. During her interview, Kim Da Mi described her personality, habits at home, as well as her career, giving viewers a glimpse of the actress's true image. 

First, the interviewer asked Kim Da Mi if it were true that she once did not leave the house for 2 weeks. Kim Da Mi answered, "It's true. Basically, I watch a movie the minute I wake up, I watch movies while I eat, I just play a bunch of movies all day, and time flies by. I also watch 'Netflix'."

What film did Kim Da Mi watch most recently? "'Ford. v. Ferrari'. I dosed off a little in the beginning but at some point it got really good." Kim Da Mi also dished on her sleeping habits, commenting, "When working on a production, I tend to lose sleep, but outside of that I can sleep for 15 hours if I decided to sleep long. The reason I can't sleep longer is because my back hurts. I'm also getting a lot of sleep these days because I'm taking a break." 

Next, Kim Da Mi discussed her love of food. "One of the happiest things about working on 'Itaewon Class' was eating. It was my biggest concern, 'What should I eat?'. When I'm at home, I prefer sleeping over eating, but when I'm out I like to eat a lot. On the set, I ate three meals a day without fail, and then ate late night snacks, snacks in between filming, snacks in the car, and snacks with the staff." 

Finally, Kim Da Mi ddescribed how she sees herself. "I'm bland? I'm not really introverted or extroverted, just somewhere in the middle. I don't get really surprised by things, I don't get angry much, and when I said I wanted to become an actress as a child, people asked me why since I didn't really have any charms. Since I wasn't really the type to put myself out. I just grew up watching TV, and liked the stories portrayed. During playtime, I would splash water under my eyes and go, 'I'm good at fake crying, right?'." 

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Friday, May 15, 2020

She's quite an impactful actress and i do hope that she can be in Hollywood productions or series productions in Toronto or Vancouver soon. She's has the attributes to be global superstar. More Netflix vehicles for her please. Good luck and continued success.



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