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Posted by sagi97712 pts Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lee Jonghyun fans happily celebrating his return & the double standards of it all

Lee Jonghyun, former member of CNBLUE,is being celebrated by his fans as it was announced he will be officially discharged from mandatory service later this month.

One would argue how questionable these fans are acting as

The double standards are, although it's been revealed that it was Lee Jonghyun who laughed at those girls being secretly recorded, the hate and criticism Seungri received is largely disproportionate as many convinced he was the one laughing at those girls. Later, it was reported Seungri was actually mad he received the consensual sex video, which he never asked for, in the business chatroom.

On the other hand, many take this as "He knew, he didn't report it. He's still trash". Although, the law in South Korea only allow victims to report & make it illegal for non-victim to report.

Furthermore, how can Seungri have any idea the woman gave no consent on the filming when he was never in any of JJY's molka chatrooms? 

Of course, it's easy to say he knew without proving it. So easy. Although, going by that logic, since they're acquaintance, Seungri must have known, do the 2 Days 1 Night cast knew too? I'd argue 2D1N cast are way closer to JJY. How about the entire industry whose friends with JJY? They knew too? 

It's a very flawed logic.

 The context is lost in all of the media reporting and the cancel culture vultures clutch to the fact he received one video (in a business professional setting at that) & throw out context to justify their hatred towards him.

After he scolded JJY for sending the inappropriate video, he never again receive anymore inappropriate videos from JJY, as it shows in the court documents. Lee Jonghyun on the other hand, appeared multiple times receiving inappropriate videos (as shown in the court documents) from JJY in the molka chat & encouraging it.

Lee Jonghyun may not have participate directly in the horrible crimes committed by JJY, as to why he's not being charged or prisoned but he enabled the culture for men like JJY to perpetuate their inappropriate behaviour. And it's sad to see the media and the kpop community cutting him loose just like that without harsh criticism.

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tristanah6,827 pts Saturday, March 21, 2020 1
Saturday, March 21, 2020

Unfortunately was reporter Kang and lawyer Bang dirty media play with "Seungri's chats" narrative. They let everyone to understand that singer Lee is Seungri bcs they had no interest to clarify anything such is the fact that the chats were from JJY's phone and there were 23 different chat rooms and the incriminatory molka chat room was only one of them, on the contrary they firstly exposed Seungri with edited chats and let him face a tremendous public indignation instead of JJY&Choi&buddies the real offenders. Even now after the law pronounced and JJY's group was sentenced and everyone else's participation clarified in legal documents and made public resulting that Seungri wasn't member in that chat room but in business related one, largely the public mindset doesn't change from March 2019 and with all the evidences they continue to pointed Seungri as being guilty by association of all JJY's group's wrong doings. Lee Jong Hyun had "the luck" of being in military service and unavailable for civil investigation so the media didn't show big interest on him as they show to Roy and Eddy Kim which were social defamed and now resulted they participated in other chat rooms not in molka one like Lee Jong Hyun. So Seungri, Roy Kim and Eddy Kim being civilians received the blame for what they didn't do bcs they were in media teeth all the time.

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k_kid18,999 pts Saturday, March 21, 2020 0
Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dude is trash. He might not have been directly involved in anything, but the fact that he was enjoying the videos and making degrading comments towards women makes him trash.

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