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Security guard company employee under fire for inappropriate SNS posts targeting NCT & EXO members


A security guard company employee of 'Dream With Us' is currently facing heavy criticism for their inappropriate Instagram story posts. 

Fans have recently spoken up via online communities and SNS portals to point out that this particular employee was recently seen cursing at NCT member Haechan, uploading the following post below:

The post clearly shows a text message sent to NCT's Haechan, with no response messages received. The employee wrote, "Wow this ***** read my message but I never even got a reply." 

In addition, more netizens pointed out that in the past, this particular employee has uploaded Instagram story posts containing information on license plate numbers of vehicles designated for important SM Entertainment employees (i.e. SM chief director Nam So Young, head producer Lee Soo Man, chief director Han Sae Min, etc):

Another Instagram Story post showed the security guard company employee boasting a screen shot of his contacts list, showing various SM Entertainment figures. The post read, "Red Velvet's manager kekekekekeke. Their profile music is very righteous." 

The employee was also seen posting photos of SuperM members' transportation vehicles labeled with each member's designated vehicle (i.e Baekhyun, Kai, Taemin, NCT luggage, MarkTaeyong) as you can see below. The message received reads, "They're asking for another support member from EXO." Above the exchanged messages, the employee complained, "They're all members of one group, so would it kill them to just all take one car.."

Many also criticized the security guard company employee for their SNS profile photo, where they openly tagged NCT 127's official SNS account and blatantly displayed the idol group's member:

Furious netizens left critical comments like, "What an insane jerk", "How many times will these problems cause trouble before SM even does anything", "People like that just can't get enough attention no matter what they do", "They're asking to be fired kekekeke", "And to clarify, all of those names and license plate numbers that are blacked out, a fan did that. That employee uploaded everything out in the open", "You wanted to lose your salary job that bad huh...", "Who hired this crazy person to guard our boys?", "The nerve of this person, calling a client names like *****...", and more. 

As of now, it seems that the security guard company employee has changed various portions of their SNS account.

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Pinksone81687 pts Monday, February 24, 2020 2
Monday, February 24, 2020

well, say goodbye to your career/job. wth is he thinking. They better fire him, he does not deserve to keep his job. so unprofessional.


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popularit4,550 pts Monday, February 24, 2020 0
Monday, February 24, 2020


how can u curse at donghyuck he aint entitled to read ur messages u shouldnt even be messaging him in the first place hit his manager up yall aint friends



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