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Highlight's fans call for a boycott of Purple Museum which is former member Junhyung's new name


Highlight's fans seek boycott of former member Junhyung as fans suspect he is getting ready to return to the entertainment industry under the new name, Purple Museum

Junhyung has left the group after admitting to his involvement with singer Jung Joon Young's hidden camera footage controversy. He is currently enlisted in the military. 

Highlight's fans have recently discovered that Junhyung is getting ready to make a comeback under the new pseudonym, Purple Museum. As shown in the below pictures, on January 3, Junhyung has applied for trademarking the name "Purple Museum" for composing, training, album producing, and many more activities related to the entertainment industry.  

Further, fans have also found a new Instagram account under that name. Fans are suspecting he is trying to produce songs under the new name.

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kichi714153 pts Saturday, February 1, 2020 48
Saturday, February 1, 2020

So what do you think he should do for living? He admits on his involvement but there is no action taken by the police. I mean, if he is in the wrong he would already be in jail. He also need to continue his live doing what he is capable off. Yall so quick boycotting people and its ugly. Preaching bout humanity but destroying someones life. I'm not his fans or whatsoever i'm just a fellow human.


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T_T_Official555 pts Saturday, February 1, 2020 4
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Junhyung wasn't in the group chats or majorly involved in these events. He saw ONE video someone sent him outside the group chat, and that was 2 years prior. He admitted he saw that video and willingly left, even though the label said he didn't. Tell me again he deserves this.


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